Are You Ready For Penn State Football?
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Are You Ready For Penn State Football?

What Penn State fans are most looking forward to...

Are You Ready For Penn State Football?
Avery Felty

There are so many students packing up their cars and rooms at home just dying to get back to school. That is something a lot of college students have in common. But, there is something all Penn State students have in common. What would that possibly be? Penn State Football! (Disclaimer: not every single student attends the football games and some are not as enthused as others but that is OK because we are…still family.) Over the past Spring semester, the blue and white game tease and the summer months, major Penn State football fans have been gearing up for the 2016 season. I mean it is our family reunion to get together every Saturday either from Beaver Stadium or from your couch and watch our favorite college football team play the game we all come to love. So, here are some things to remind you of the amazing times that are coming…

Tailgate food: There is so much to look forward to and food is one of them. No use of meal points at your family and friends tailgate and no awful apartment food (mainly leftovers from the week) to snack on before the big game. I am talking chips, cookies, hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, taco in a bag, literally anything and everything that you roll yourself out of bed in the morning to go get.

Downtown is hopping: Everywhere you look downtown, on a football game weekend there are families everywhere. I am talking cute grandmas in their blue and white coordinating outfits and the spirit squads handing out stickers in front of the Student Bookstore. On top of that, there is football pump up playlists playing from every sports store and bar. There is nothing more liberating.

Getting the perfect game day outfit: We all do it. Especially girls, we spend a little longer on these football mornings prepping for the day by going through our blue and white clothes, our Penn State accessories just so we can support our favorite team while looking good doing it. It makes it a little bit more fun. Game day socks, face stickers, converse, jersey’s and etc. will be in attendance along with the 107K people.

Beaver Canyon Riots: Every time the football team wins a huge game against a longtime rival, you better believe Beaver Ave. is going to be hyped more than Coach Franklin.

Pre-Show: The pre-show before the football game even begins is a pump up worthy gathering between the fans, spirit squads and Blue Band as we welcome the football team onto the field. A hype video plays as the Nittany Lion looks into the crowd to hear the fans scream and the Blue Band performs on the field.

Beaver Stadium’s music: There is nothing better than seeing everyone in the stadium and the student section rocking out to Sweet Caroline, We Are… PSU and the cowbell. I know we all are getting chills up and down our spines just thinking about it.

Chicken in a basket: Even though we spend about ten dollars off of our meal points to get it, we have to admit it is worth it.

Full stadium wave: Away team and all, the slow mo wave to the fastest wave you’ll ever see a whole stadium do at once is incredible to be a part of.

Coach Franklin’s facial expressions: If you ever need a good laugh, just look down at the sidelines and see Coach’s faces when the team does something amazing or something really bad. Trust me, it will make your day.

Touchdown Toss: Always look into the stands when Penn State throws for a touchdown pass or a field goal. We literally throw people up into the air for as points as the scoreboard tells us. It is quite the bonding experiencing between you and a couple stranger. The bonding coming from trying not to drop the person you are throwing and giving each other the, “I am struggling so hard right now,” face when Penn State starts scoring WAY too many times.

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