Are You My Friend?

Are You My Friend?

I used to think that I'm strong enough to handle things alone but no, I can't lift the hardship stone on my own.

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I believe everyone has their own "standards" for acknowledging someone as their friend. The same goes to me, and many times throughout 18 years has my definition of friendship changed.

In elementary schools, you are my friend if:

  • you talk to me
  • we don’t bully one another

In junior high, you are my friend if:

  • you talk to me
  • we treat each other well

In high school, you are my friend if:

  • you talk to me
  • we see and greet each other often
  • we share the same interests
  • we are on the same level of fame (This may be wrong sometimes but who knows?)
  • we go to fun places, join clubs and activities together
  • we don’t talk behind each other’s back

In college, you are my friend if:

  • we are in the same class or stay in the same dorm (we have to meet first, right?)
  • we become seat/room neighbors (there’s no way my memory system can properly attain 100 names and faces in one semester)
  • we care about each other (if you don’t care then your conversations will forever be “Hi, how are you?” and “Good! How about you?” and eventually stop with an adjective)
  • we do homework together (this may sound nerdy but trust me, it is certainly one of the best ways to make friends because college is hard and you will want to get the school work done as soon as possible)
  • we often go eat (food amazingly bonds everybody!)
  • we hang out a lot (games, movies, etc.)
  • we try adventurous activities together (especially something that you’re scared of, yes you read it right, go do the things that you are scared of, because that’s when you are most vulnerable and open)
  • we do silly things (like jumping into a fountain, because then you laugh at each other and when there is laughter, there is happiness)
  • we go on some types of trips together (retreat, missionary, road trip, literally whatever because then you have to rely on each other so much that suspending particles of our bond precipitate solidly)
  • we reveal our most miserable, embarrassing and painful memories and give shoulders to each other because a friend who understands my tears is much better than friends who only know my smiles
  • I can lean on you when I lose balance

This is how I describe my concept of friendship, even though I know it’s not something that can be exactly defined. There are a lot of things that are missing. But please don’t blame me, for I haven’t finished experiencing life or met all people. However, I’m sure I will try my best to take everything out of what it gives me, because the cost is my life and I don’t like unprofitable exchange (see the pun?) But hey, if my friendship definition changes again, I will definitely share it with you! :)

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