Are You More Olaf Or Cinderella?

Are You More Olaf Or Cinderella?

Are you laid back and care-free like Olaf, or are you more serious and keep yourself busy every waking second of the day like Cinderella?

A theory was produced at some point in time that categorize individuals into two different categories, either Type A or Type B, based on their personality traits. Type A individuals exhibit the traits of, being very competitive, and self critical. Type A people also take on loads of things at once, which can be too much for them to handle, causing self- induced stress. People categorized under Type A are known to be always doing something, and do not have time to just be sitting around, and they become easily impatient when they do not have something to do, or they feel as if they are just simply wasting time. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the people classified as having this Type B personality. Type B individuals are more relaxed and are less worrisome about getting things done than Type A individuals. Type B individuals also do things more for the enjoyment of it not just to succeed or win every time. Type B people are overall less stressed and more laid back, and content with their life, flaws and all.

A character that portray the traits of a Type B personality is Crush the sea turtle from the Disney movie Finding Nemo. Crush is one of the many sea animals that Nemo and Dory come across on their adventure and he is also one of the most laid back. Crush enjoys having a good time and is very care free. When Nemo says he needs help however, Crush is fully willing to help them find their way, but he wants to make sure they have fun doing it aswell. Just like individuals with the Type B personality, Crush is able to accomplish the task at hand, while enjoying himself and not overreacting or stressing about it.

The Disney princess Cinderella is a character who exhibits the traits of an individual with the Type A personality. Cinderella has to unwillingly take on large amounts of work, and is simply overwhelmed each and every day. Living with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella does everything in her power to please them, and in doing this, she creates self- induced stress, which is an immensely common thing among individuals with the Type A personality. Cinderella is not laid back at all, and she is busy at every waking second of the day. When Cinderella’s fairy godmother gives her the opportunity to go to an extravagant ball, with the most handsome man in the village, the only the thing she has on her mind is getting home in time to finish what chores she needs to have done, and to make her evil stepmother happy. This Disney character is a prime example of a person that shows the Type A personality qualities.

Another very memorable Disney character that comes equipped with a Type A personality is Kim from the show Kim Possible. Kim has a multitude of things to handle at once, and she likes it that way, so she is always preoccupied. At the end of the day however, Kim is exhausted, and immensely over whelmed at points as well. Kim is trying to save the world, fight crime, be a cheerleader, and on top of that get good grades and do well in school. Kim shares the same traits as many students with the Type A personality today, aside from the saving the world part for most people. Kim has a drive to get done what she needs to get done, and she will not stop until she does so. Kim Possible is a key exemplification of a Type A personality.

A final example of a character with a certain personality trait is Olaf from Frozen, who has a type B personality. Olaf does not let the little things bother him, and he is immensely laid back. Olaf is able to relax and handle situations very different than someone of a Type A personality would. Olaf is laid back and more calm during stressful situations and he is also lazy when it comes to certain things. Olaf exemplifies the Type B personality traits greatly.

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