Appreciation Poem
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Appreciation: A Poem

Take some time out of your day to recognize the beauty surrounding you.


Have you ever sat on a lonesome bench
Mesmerized by the beauty of the vivacious, irrepressible nature?

The towering, virescent trees and the cotton candy sky
Creating a gradient of rife
Yet unique imagery
Embedded in your corneas.
A view so vivid, the depth so glorious,
You can sit for hours
Admiring the creation that you so luckily
Got a chance to experience firsthand.

The quiet strangers will pass by
With no appreciation, not the same imagination,
Stuck glaring onto gaudy screens
That are nowhere near the perfection of hues
Creeping up on their senses.
But you want to try and recognize
Every passing bird and ripple on the pond,
Every shudder of the trees,
Losing leaf by leaf,
In slow motion.

Even when the wrathful clouds approached,
Overfilled with tension and suspense,
There was no intention of incensing the air,
Only to bring droplets of life
To the standstill landscape,
And filter the air of negativity
With a sharp, almost gelid breeze
Filling your nostrils,
And with raindrops that slowly trickle down your goosebumps.

It's been a whole hour of lonesome admiration

But there is no desire to leave
Because you know you get to witness
The colors of the rainbow behind the hill.
So you sit there, Calmly waiting.
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