Now Taking Applications For A Holiday Boyfriend

Thanksgiving is approaching very quickly and I can already hear "when are you getting a boyfriend", or "anyone special in your life", can't forget the "it's about time to start thinking about the future".

So in hopes to makes this holiday season a little better for my sanity, I am now taking applications for a holiday boyfriend. Nothing serious, just someone that will bare through a few hours of dreadful dinners and maybe a few cute festive dates.

You know like going to see Christmas lights or decorating a Christmas tree with, because if I'm going to have a fake boyfriend then I have to get a few insta-worthy pictures out of the deal.

Qualities must include:

1. A lot of patience

I love my family but the first boyfriend I've ever brought to a family function would be a pretty big deal that would include a long interrogation.

2. Sense of humor

If we are going to be spending a lot of time together, I need to make the best out of it.

3. Sweet talker

I want you to knock the socks off of my family, make them think that I have hooked a good one.

4. Good to look at

Lets face it, we're already fake dating so why not at least make him nice to look at. Plus, it'll help make the insta pic cute!

5. Lets me eat his food

I am in need of someone that will let me eat their piece of pie and my own. We can't be greedy here ;)

You can send your applications through my dm's on Instagram @ __hpa__

I can double as a fake girlfriend for your awkward family events too.

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