After several months of rumors and anticipation, Apple hosted its Keynote event on March 25th, 2019 at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California. At this event, Apple finally unveiled its plans for the rest of the year, regarding both software and hardware. Here are some of the highlights and products to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Apple TV Plus and Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Plus is a new service that will air original TV shows and movies only available on Apple TV, which is similar to the Netflix Originals. The new Apple TV Channels update will allow users to purchase individual TV channels, such as HBO and Starz. This allows people to refrain from purchasing cable TV packages as they can pick and choose which channels to buy rather than buying them all.

The Apple Card

Similar to the Amazon's credit card, Apple is releasing the Apple Card, which can be easily applied for on your iPhone and once approved will automatically be stored in your Wallet app, where one can view their balance, statements, and billing dates. In addition, the new Apple Card will track locations of purchases, enabling people to keep track of exactly where they've made purchases.

Furthermore, the Apple Card will offer a unique sense of security, as it generates new security codes every time you make a purchase. In fact, the card doesn't even have a credit card number, CVV, expiration date, or signature; everything is done through the app. However, if you are making purchases where the Apple Card is not accepted, you can generate a 16-digit credit card on the Wallet app.

In addition, the Apple Card will offer a 2 percent cash back reward (3% on Apple products) that is paid daily into your Apple Pay account. Backed by Mastercard, the Apple Card will be accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted. In addition, Apple is releasing a physical credit card for real, in-person purchases, but these will only receive 1% cash back.

Apple Arcade

With their new gaming service, Apple will be allowing users to subscribe to games that are available through the App Store, rather than the traditional games that are found on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. Though Apple did not officially announce the fee, they did mention that it will include access to more than 100 games that are exclusive to iOS devices.

Apple News Plus

With this new service, Apple will be allowing users to subscribe to the Apple News lineup for $9.99 per month. This service will be displaying magazines will a "Live Cover," where users can have an interactive experience with animated covers, highlighted stories, and even magazine recommendations. As of the News Plus release date (March 25th), approximately 300 magazines were available for access, including The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.