What To Look For When Apartment Searching
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7 Things To Think About When Apartment Searching

Finding the perfect place is difficult, but doesn't have to be impossible.

7 Things To Think About When Apartment Searching

Moving from apartment to apartment or apartment to a house is stressful enough as it is, but finding the perfect place just makes it so much more stressful. You want your new place to be the perfect place whether you are starting school or a new family, it has to fit your needs. Finding a place shouldn't be complicated it should be exciting and something you enjoy and can be done by considering just 7 simple things.

1. Price Range


Find your ideal price range, what you are able to spend based on your income, and what you have saved up. This is crucial and in my eyes the most important thing to consider because you do not want to look at places to live, fall in love with it, and then not be able to afford it. Plus there are always hundreds of apartments and houses, this will narrow down the search a little so that you look at places you can actually have.



This is the second most important thing to consider because you want to make sure you are in a location that fits your needs, whether it be safety, schools, or community activities. Finding where you want to live will also narrow down the search as well. Now you will be able to find a place that has the most important needs.

3. Commute


Whether you are moving for school or a new job, you will have some sort of commute even if it is just to the grocery store (ya gotta eat)! Are you comfortable commuting 45 minutes each way, everyday? Or do you want a quick five minute drive or 2 mile walk? Consider what is going to work best for your daily routine.

4. Rommies or Flying Solo


Now, some people might say this is the most important choice when looking at a place to live, but let's be honest, we've all had roommate issues (even if it is small fights). And we've all gotten through those issues one way or another. It is important to think do you want to live with other people, or alone, are they your best friends, or the people you have class with everyday. This crucial to have a happy, healthy hope lifestyle.

5. Amenities


Amenities, are something I never really considered when looking at my first apartment. I just kind of found the cheapest place and was like "yup this is the place for me." My friends convinced me to go to the more expensive complex the next year and it offered so many more amenities, like free Starbucks, free printing, hot tub and 24 hour gym. All things I love as a student. It is important to find things that are going to be useful for you in your life, even if it is a few extra bucks.

6. Pet Policy


Who doesn't love a cute little doggo or cat? Correct answer: NO ONE! And what better way to relieve stress than cuddling up, with your dog or cat or whatever pet of your choosing (you want to cuddle a fish - I won't judge). When picking an apartment it is super important to think about whether or not you are going to want pets in the time period you plan on living there.

7. Lease


While this is pretty low on my list of things to consider it is also incredibly important. The normal length of a lease a 12 months but many places (depending on where you live) also offer monthly or six-month leases as well. Are you willing to stay in a location for an entire year or are you more likely to move around? This also relates to how long you plan on living in a specific location!

Yes finding the perfect place can be hard, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Weigh out your options, make lists of places, the positives and the negatives to each place and what your overall goal is. You have to find a place that is going to mesh perfectly with you, otherwise, you won't be happy.

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