The Rise of Feminism Taking Victoria Secret Down
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Victoria Secret Is Losing Money Because Real Women Are Taking It Down

The leading lingerie business is falling due to the rise in feminism.

Victoria Secret on Facebook

So I am at the Florida Mall with my boyfriend and we pass one of the three Victoria Secret locations in the mall (yes three locations, one is PINK, one lingerie, and one body products). I pass the third location and just start telling my boyfriend that I don't care for them very much because they test on animals (living my best cruelty-free life). My boyfriend replies back "Well I'm not sure they will be doing that much longer, I read an article about how they are not doing so well and that they might have to stop the fashion shows." I ask him if they gave a reason why they're not doing well. He said, "because of the rise of feminism."

Feminism is taking down the well-recognized lingerie empire. But how?

I looked into it and it's become true. Business Insider and Money Times are both established publications, that report on finance, both reported the loss in Victoria Secret.

Money Insider says "Victoria's Secret, the leading lingerie brand dominating the 35% of the market is losing $9 billion opportunities for missing out plus-sized underwear in the line."

Quoted from Business Insider, "Like Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret is in real danger of losing its relevance amongst women as the brand is labeled sexist and stodgy," branding expert and University of Southern California professor Jeetendr Sehdev told Business Insider.

"Victoria's Secret needs to stop hiding behind dazzle and dated '70s concepts such as 'Angels" and the 'Fantasy Bra,' and start having a real conversation with women," Jeentendr Sehdev said in her interview with Business Insider.

Victoria Secret Angel Source: Victoria Secret Facebook

Here's my take on this. Feminism is supporting other women and standing up against the status quo of women and standing up against the patriarchy. That's my definition of feminism. Not all feminist are non-bra wearing hippies with unshaved armpits and women genders symbol tattoos. I mean yeah some feminist are like that (and they rock like any other woman) but that isn't feminism.

The reason Victoria Secret is losing money is that they exclude the real women, the actual market.

NEWS FLASH! Not all women are the thin, toned, glowing angels that are under a size 4. Women come in all shapes and sizes. They're beautiful, unique, extraordinary goddesses who want to feel confident and gorgeous! They want to buy products that they can fit in that promote body positivity. Victoria Secret does not do that.

Lots of other companies create items that can fit all types of women and carry those products proudly. These women give their money to companies that want them and support them.

Forever 21 website

Victoria Secret is being stupid by not carrying plus sizes and by not rebranding. I'm not saying don't include the previous angels, they're women too. But, they should include new angels that are a size 8,16, and beyond. It's honestly so silly, they're losing millions of dollars over it.

Feminism is equality. Women are not feeling equal when it comes to Victoria Secret and it's showing. So Victoria Secret, include the real women. Include the women who want to feel sexy. Make us feel included. If you don't, that's honestly fine, the real women will be ecstatic to see your company go bankrupt. We will just take our business to a company that wants our business and wants to include us.

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