In Anticipation Of 'Drag Race' Season 8

OK, y'all. To anyone who dubs him or herself a fan of the massive hit television phenomenon, "RuPaul's Drag Race," this is one of the most important nights of the year: premiere night. Yes, the long awaited return of the Supermodel of The World is here (hey, Jasmine Masters).

I've been a fan of drag, for, if I'm honest, my whole life. As a child, I often jammed to the dulcet sounds of the "Priscilla: Queen of The Desert" soundtrack. And after looking at the pamphlet within the jewel case, I would admire the crazy floral wigs donned by those crazies from the Outback.

But tonight, we gather to celebrate the inauguration of a new class of "Drag Race" Queens. Something that really resonated with me was something said on the "Hey Qween!" spinoff: Hot-Tea with nightlife legend: Jonny McGovern (#GayestOfAllTime #Masc #ButchQween). To paraphrase Jonny: There isn't another show out there, quite like "Drag Race," in that those involved -- once announced -- are catapulted into the spotlight. Once in the spotlight, these queens are forced to deal with whatever shade is thrown in their general direction(s). However, there is also a lot of love shown as well.

On this momentous occasion, I am hoping that allies, such as myself, can join our LGBTQ+ sisters/brothers/gender-non-conforming-folks to celebrate as a new group of queens enters the #ThunderdomeOfDrag. In the ever wise words of Mama Chad Michaels: "Happy Hunger Games, B****hes!"

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