Recently, we have all been debating whether or not we should vote for Trump or Hilary. People are saying "Oh, well, Trump, he's a business man, so he will run this country like a business and it'll be good for us!" While people who are voting for Hilary are saying, "Oh well we should be voting for Hilary because she's a woman, she's a Clinton, she will do great!" During a lot of this nonsense, I still can't decide and I will not decide because I refuse to decide who will bring The United States of America burning to the ground. In who knows how many years, I will not be a part of the group who decided that one of these buffoons could run our country. In all honesty, I don't want either of these candidates to be chosen for president.

I think Obama should just be given another year or two until we find better candidates and make sure that the people of America understand how much power a president actually has. Selecting a business man who just got sued for a made up university he created or a woman who likes to delete emails at just the perfect time in order to cover her ass for doing something wrong--these aren't people we should really want for president. If you want someone better, I would suggest someone like Ozzy Osbourne, who can't seem to understand how to make a complete sentence without it sounding like nonsense,, or even Nicholas Cage with that monotone voice and plain Jane personality of his.

I'm not saying that those are the only flaws that our candidates have, because there are more, but that's the problem: why, as a country, are we just settling for someone? The United States is like that one girl we all know who only stays with her boyfriend because she thinks she can't find anyone better, but we all know she can and she just refuses to try to better and just settles. The United States needs to find someone better. I'm still confused on who thought that Bernie was such a "terrible" choice because if there is anyone I would pick over these two it would be that old crusty man. People like to say,"Well, he was a socialist; that's why no one wanted to vote for him." But, that's not true. Bernie had socialist views as well as others, but no one wanted to focus on the positive views he had at all. That's almost like calling me a vegetarian just because I think salads are yummy and enjoy eating them sometimes. Does anyone not know how absurd that sounds?

But in the end, like our little friend we all have, we will decide to settle for one of these wonderful candidates we were left with, and just like that we will have to settle even though we know better than that. Me on the other hand will not be voting because I just cannot be a part of something like this, although this is supposed to be one of the best things to be able to do after you turn 18; I will not be doing so.

I'm not going to go waste my time standing in a line just to vote for someone I don't want to run this country. So to everyone who really wants to know or wonders why I am not voting this year, my question is to you: "Why are you voting?"