5 Annoying Habits That We All Can Live Without
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There you are, minding our own business, or maybe you're in the middle of a wonderfully delightful conversation, when all of a sudden, BAM, it happens. A nasty little habit, action, or even incident occurs that completely throws off your groove. You try and try to ignore it, but it just keeps happening. Over and over and OVER again until finally, you lose it.

You either verbalize your frustrations, dismiss yourself from the situation, or ask the said individual who is sending your pet peeve alarm off your rocker to please STOP.

Does it seem rude? Maybe. Does it seem aggressive? Sometimes, but can you really blame us? You can't help the little things that you can't handle and you know what, EVERYONE HAS THEM.

So I've complied a list of some of my TOP pet peeves that I ALWAYS encounter. Almost daily actually.

1. Chewing with your mouth open.


Dear friends. I get that food is delicious. Donuts, tacos, gum, you name it. Food is AWESOME. HOWEVER. The world does not need to see what is inside of your mouth and, quite frankly, it's gross. Please, keep your food to yourself and if you decide to share, please find another way to do so. Chewing with your mouth open for the world to see does not make you a nice person. It's gross, please STOP.

I also don't need to hear you smacking your lips because of your open-mouthed chewing from across the room. No one likes that.

2. Popping your gum


Gum is great. Gum is awesome. Gum does man good, except giving us cavities of course. However, let gum stay in your mouth. Never in my life have I ever heard a grown adult brag about how big they can blow their bubblegum. It's not impressive and it's very annoying when it pops. I remember it so well. It was my very last class in college and there was a student in the back row of the class who would come into class EVERY SINGLE WEEK with gum. And what did he do? He popped it as loud as possible. Over. And over. And over again. I sat at the very FRONT of the classroom and I could hear it. Please don't ask me what we learned in that class because I don't really remember. And you know why? Because my poor mind could not tune out the loud and incessant popping of gum that occurred almost daily in the back of the class.

3. Interrupting someone when they’re talking.


I get it. Sometimes you're in the middle of a really fun and cool conversation when all of a sudden, you form a thought and you're so afraid that you're going to forget it. You try to wait patiently for your friend to stop talking but you just can't take it any longer and you do the unthinkable. You interrupt your friend. You just couldn't help it because you let your fear guide you and now, you're the rude one.

Guys, don't ever interrupt someone when they're talking. If you have a thought you're afraid you're not going to remember, simply say, "hey, I don't want to be rude, but may I add on to that last point you just said?" Don't just blatantly interrupt! Especially don't interrupt if you just want to interject to add in an opinion that's not wanted or to talk about yourself. Be patient, young Padawan, your time to speak will come.

4. Always try to relate to what the other person is saying.


No. No. No.

I completely understand the want to relate to others or to make the other person feel like they're not alone and I think that's a good intention. However, you don't need to tell a vague story about how you completely understand what the other person is going through in order to accomplish that. In many situations, it actually helps out more when you simply say "You know, I can't say I fully relate or understand what you're experiencing or what you're saying, but I can see how that can be difficult or annoying. I really appreciate you sharing that with me, how can I help you further through your anger or frustration." BAM. Perfect! Not everybody wants you to relate, sometimes, they just want you to listen and be present.

5. Not using your blinker when you’re driving.


OH MY GOODNESS. This seriously happens every day. I'm driving, minding my own business when suddenly an unwanted driver cuts me off. Why? Because they didn't use their blinker. If I had seen a blinker, would I have let them over? Absolutely. But no, we just have to cut people off with nonsense. Guys, it is NOT safe to not use a blinker and it's rude not too. PLEASE. USE. YOUR. BLINKER. For the safety of yourself and for those around you, it's important than you do. Using your blinker when you drive is communicating to those around you that you need to get over or that you're about to make a move. When others see it, they can make the space for you to move. Sure, there are those who may ignore you, but I promise you, someone will eventually let you over. JUST USE IT.

These are just a few of I'm sure numerous pet peeves we have all experienced, but at the end of the day, we're all human. We make mistakes and do things that annoy other people. That's life, but let's do our best to be the best people we can be, starting with good table manners and driving habits.

Ready, set, GO!

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