Anime GIFs That Need No Context

Being an avid anime fan, every show has some sort of a scene that makes you and your friend group yell simultaneously and then aggressively search the web to find a GIF of that scene that will be kept forever and used as a 'reaction GIF' in the group chat. Of course, there are many more animes in this world that make you cringe, but it would take me years to collect a GIF from each one.

Here is a list of a few anime GIFs to send to your friends without context next time you can't put a reaction into words:

1. Plastic Neesan

What situation will require you to tear your clothes off? Any situation that Kuniki is in! He apparently does this a lot.

2. Gourmet Girl Graffiti

"The path to becoming a fine wife begins with being an accomplished cook."

3. Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Pretty much of any of those falling objects had a #life attached to them.

4. Nichijou

Haven't you ever gotten so angry that you wanted to flip a deer?

5. Gintama

This and similar GIFs illustrate what finals week looks like.

6. Ao No Exorcist

One of my top favorite anime (if not my top favorite anime) kicking his brother for eating his food.

7. Monogatari

This really doesn't look like the kind of anime that would be described as a "struggle to overcome the darkness that is rapidly approaching."

8. K-On!

This anime is actually about playing an instrument, I swear.

9. Kiznaiver

This anime would be great without these damn chickens that creep you out.

10. Gabriel Dropout

A used to be 'goodie goodie' angel came to the human world and became a 'fallen angel' after realizing how amazing video games are... and she loves it.

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