Animals That Are Taking Over Cities During Self Isolation
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Animals That Are Taking Over Cities During Self Isolation

A look around the world at the break we are giving the earth from us.

Animals That Are Taking Over Cities During Self Isolation

Whether you believe nature is 'sending us a message' or not, the results of self-isolation and quarantine have been noticeably beneficial to the environment. With the pandemic amongst us it is easy to get overwhelmed with saddening statistics that can consume our thoughts. Here I offer you the sliver of good news that has come among those that are following the #stayhome order. Our distance has caused a decrease in our global carbon footprint and space for animals to take back some of the earth we have left our mark on. Here are the animals taking over cites while we stay at home.

Deer In Japan

Local deer of Japan have been out and about exploring as street activity dwindles.

Malbar Spotted Civit in Chandigarh

This beautiful endangered animal walks down empty Indian streets

Fish in Venice

The canals of Venice are clear and fish and ducks are taking up the waterways instead of boats.

Boars in Barcelona

Wild boar trot through the empty streets in Barcelona, a city not typically known for its pig population.

Goats in Llandudno

This town in Wales turned into a goat town over night.

Lambs in Preston

Lambs play on an abandoned playground in this city in England.

Peacocks in Dubai

Peacocks are strolling past closed shops in United Arab Emirates

Deer in Trincomalee

Wild deer roam by closed shops in the Sri Lankan city during their nationwide shutdown.

Cows in Delhi

Cows have been sprawling across roadways since the nationwide lockdown in typically crowded India.

Ducks in Paris

A surprised woman watches a couple ducks crossing Paris' Rue Des Sevres.

Niglai in Noida

This kind of antelope walks through deserted streets in this Indian city.

Pumas in Santiago

Pumas have ventured through the less crowded streets of Chile in source of food.

Monkeys in Ahmedebad

Monkeys in India explore a locals car.

Geese in Adana

This gaggle of geese stroll the coast line of this Turkish city.

Deer in London

Deer graze through the Harold Hill neighborhoods in East London.

Rabits in Christchurch

The New Zealand city is full of rabbits hopping around.

Turkeys in Oakland

Turkeys gobble in the West Oakland neighborhood of California.

Mountain Lions in Boulder

Mountain lions patrol empty Colorado neighborhood lawns.

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