Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Review

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Review

After four years, one of Nintendo's most beloved games finally gets new features.

At the beginning of this month, Nintendo issued a long awaited update to their 3DS game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The game, that came out in 2012, allows a user to create an avatar, and become the mayor of a town with animal citizens. (I promise it's more fun then it sounds.)

As mayor, you can establish new town projects -- like building police stations, or water foundations, or you can declare town ordinances, like keeping all the shops open late at night. You can expand your house by repaying your mortgage, visit friend's towns and even play mini games on your own private island.

After four years, Nintendo issued an update that allows gamers to enjoy the game even more with added features. Here is a look at the new update:

1. Campsite

One of the biggest and most noticeable changes to the game after the update is the addition of a campsite. It sits at the far left or right of your town, and it is entirely separate from your shops and houses. Special characters come in their RV cars and spend the day enjoying your town. Its a nice chance to interact with characters you see very rarely, like Jingle the Reindeer or Sahara.

In addition, there is a small store outside the RVs where you can buy exclusive new items. They don't accept bells however, so you have to collect and use MEOW coupons. You can obtain these by doing small, simple initiatives in your town -- things like catching 10 fish, or donating a painting to your museum.

Both the character and the items for sale change everyday, so it's fun to come back and check what's new at your campsite.

2. Amiibos and Wisp the Ghost

Nintendo's big thing right now is Amiibo figures and cards. Amiibos allow users to load their favorite character into a game and reap certain benefits from it. For example, you can level them up in Super Smash Brothers to make attacks stronger, or you could use them as a playing partner in Yoshi's Wooly World.

In Animal Crossing, they have a slightly different purpose. After two to three days playing with the update, a voice will suddenly talk to you while you're wandering around your town. If you follow the voice, you will stumble upon a magic genie lamp, which contains Wisp the Ghost. He asks you to bring him to your house because he can't come out of his genie lamp in public. To repay you for finding and helping him, he will grant you one wish a day and to grant these wishes, he needs a body to inhabit. This is where the Amiibos come in.

You call upon Wisp and when prompter, touch an Amiibo or card to the DS screen. Wisp will become that character, and you can do one of two things: Make them move into your town, or make them visit the campsite in an RV.

Nintendo sells Animal Crossing Amiibos in two ways: cards and figures. The figures are mostly of special characters like Tom Nook, Isabella or Kappn'. The cards are usually of various villagers.

3. Secret storage room

The last most noticeable update is the addition of a secret storage room option for your home. The room gives you an additional 360 slots of storage, and it is completely hidden from view.

To obtain the secret storage room, you have to finish paying off your current home loan to Tom Nook. Once it's completed, Nook is going to ask you if you want any more work done to your house -- say yes, and ask to add a room. A storage room will be an option after that.

An additional feature of this room, that might be the best of all, is that with this room, you know have the aibility to move furniture and items around your house using only the stylus and touch screen. You can get this feature by talking to Lyle and Lottie after you get the room. Decorating your room will be ten times as easy by using the touch screen, instead of the track pad and buttons.

So all in all, how is the update?

In my opinion, this update was extremely needed. Animal Crossing is a fun, addictive game. However, it's also easy to lose track of playing daily once real life gets busy. I have happily played everyday since the update has come out. I think the update reinvigorated the game, something that was needed for a very long time.

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I will be the first to admit that I have an addiction to my cell phone. It is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to sleep. My boyfriend has an addiction to his as well. It's a problem. In any moment of silence, we check our phones or answer texts.

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I hadn't really noticed it was a problem until my boyfriend pointed out that we go days at a time without having a real conversation. I scrolled through our texts and realized he was right.

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Relationships are about balance and about making an effort to spend time together and make memories. It is about learning about someone so you can fall for them a million times. You can't make memories like that from behind your phone screen.

What happens when your phone dies and you don't have your phone charger? I'll tell you. You're stuck in awkward silence waiting for your partner to get off of their phone.

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No. No one wants that. So turn off your phone, put it on silent, hide it away and spend time making memories with the person you love that will last far beyond your phone battery. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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