When I took my first steps into this election I was hesitant to get behind you. You see, I didn't want to be just another Vermonter backing the Vermont senator.

I took long looks at the many different republican options. I looked into Hilary Clinton and I briefly looked at the other democrat options. Always while avoiding you.

Then, one day, I did it. I watched one of your speeches. Oh. Oh man was I impressed. Where all the other candidates had failed, you succeeded. You brought me in, you promised to fight for me by promising to fight for everyone else. You told me like it was and you waged war on anyone who refused to do the same. You treated me like a person, rather than a vote. From then on, I was a Bernie supporter.

My Facebook became a shrine to you, Bernie meme here, Bernie speech there. #FeelTheBern, #BirdieSanders, #BernieOrBust, etc. I was so excited to be a part of the revolution. I was so happy to have this election be my first to vote in. My social media showed that.

The first Bernie Sanders shirt I saw, I bought. As soon as I got my debit card I donated $27 to your campaign. I was the optimist, telling everyone who had no faith in your victory that you would win. I wish I could say that I had been right.

However, I can not accept the fact that I was wrong, because I wasn't fully wrong. You've opened so many eyes. Caused a splash that cannot be undone. The Democratic Party has been uncovered as corrupt. Big money interests have been exposed. And people like me have finally found our voices. You didn't lose. Because your battle was never about becoming president, at least not fully. Your battle was and is the political revolution. It was a battle designed to change the way we do politics in this county. And you have done your part. You set the ball in motion. And I promise you, that we will continue to fight for what you, me, and the rest of your supporters believe in.

Thank you for everything, Bernie. You made us so proud. Now it's our turn

Feel the Bern.