An Open Love Letter To My Fellow Women

Dear women,

Nothing and no one can touch the beauty that radiates from your spirit. You were built to make some positive impact on this Earth with your grace, compassion, and empathy. You are worth so much more than what everyone decides you should be.

Your identity as a woman comes with high callings. Society expects you to be a lot of things for a lot of people. You're expected to have it together, be perfect, and kill it all the time. That's a crazy high expectation. While you can't be perfect and no one should expect you to be, as a woman you have so much incredible depth to you.

The Lord designed you to truthful, nurturing, and strong. The wonderful thing is that you embody those traits in so many different ways. You are an exceptional human being with a powerful identity. No one can take your identity away from you. Your identity is developed so completely before any relationship with another person exists.

Don't let anyone tell you that you're "too strong," "too emotional," or too much of anything when you don't fit into the box of what this culture expects you to be.

You don't have to fit into the boxes.

I applaud you for everything you've accomplished thus far in your life. When you win as a woman, I do too. You deserve an opportunity, education, and respect. You deserve the license to be intellectual, thoughtful, and to lead.

As a woman, these are all the things I try to tell myself. The reality is that I need my fellow women to lift me up and empower me. Let's continue to remind each other of who we are. Treasure yourself. You deserve it.


A fellow woman

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