I have said it before and there is no doubt that I will say it again, but being a parent is the most amazing blessing this life has to offer. You do not truly know love until you first lay eyes on your baby. With that being said, I know my audience, and I know most college students are not parents just yet, which is a good thing for most because this is a time for finding yourself. On the other hand, though, I know quite a few moms out there who are still pursuing their dreams, whether it be school, work, etc. I am lucky enough to be one of those mommies. I know all too well the struggle is real when you are a full-time mom and full-time student. I also know the struggle of being a young mom and student. Most are accepting of this, and thankfully those who might not be have chosen not to voice their opinions this far. But it is not only the judgment from others we face, is it ladies? If you ask me, that is just scratching the surface. No, pursuing your goals as a mother is long days of loving on your babies, and long nights of cramming for finals. It is becoming best friends with your Keurig. It is learning to balance your own important milestones, such as graduation or that internship you have been waiting for, with the milestones of your precious bundle, such as their first steps or first words. It is others wondering just how you do it when in reality you do not even know how you manage most days. It is learning not only to balance but also to sacrifice.
I know it is exhausting, and hard, and wonderful, and miserable. But it is oh-so worth it. Not only are you setting a great example for your children, but you are also remembering to love yourself, and that is so important when it comes to being the best you possible. You are a powerhouse. You are an inspiration, even during those times you have an assignment due at midnight and you just started at 11:45. Or when you accidentally forget to put a diaper on your toddler (and pay for it later). You are STILL an inspiration. So on those days when you're at your wit's end and need to curl up with a (large) bottle of wine after the kiddos are in bed, do it. Drink the wine, pout, cry, scream in a pillow. Get it all out, but once you're done, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to being amazing.