An Open Letter To The People Who Talk Behind Your Back

An Open Letter To The People Who Talk Behind Your Back

"Everyone is going through their own battle. You shouldn't be throwing extra stones."

Whether it's an ex, an old friend, that girl that always seems to be making fun of you, those rude guys in the back of class or anyone for that case, talking behind someone's back about them is just plain rude. Everyone is taught to be nice to each other, but clearly, some people missed that part of school. What still baffles me to this day is why others feel the need to talk about someone else behind their back? I would love to know what kind of joy or satisfaction that brings them?

In my own experience, I've realized that what people say behind your back just proves they are clearly not mature enough to say it face-to-face. If you have a problem with me or vice versa, you know I would talk to you first! It makes those who gossip very rude. Personally, I would much rather have someone talk to me about an issue they have instead of causing me to hear about it later from someone who isn't even involved in the situation. Not everyone knows exactly what everyone is going through since a majority of the population is great at hiding their personal struggles, unless you're that one person on Twitter who tweets every single aspect of their day. And being that way is perfectly fine! Everyone expresses emotions differently, just don't be that person who uses their way of expression against them.

What makes it worse is when the person who is doing the bullying or gossiping used to matter deeply to you. First off, it hurts! (Worse than the initial problem.) If someone really cared about you, no matter how badly the ending of your relationship was, they should accept that fact and be happy for whatever path you take. Not sit there and bash you to their friends just because you might be actually happy for once. I'm sorry, but if I would have known you wouldn't be mature enough to give me the respect I'm giving you, my name shouldn't even be in your mouth.

My advice is, if you have an issue with someone, talk to them and not about them! It's honestly not that hard and if it is, you should not be saying those things. Rumors, gossiping, ridicule and bullying are hurtful! So the next time you say or hear someone say something about someone else that you know would hurt you if you were in their shoes, speak up. You would want someone to do it for you, so do it first. And maybe, just maybe, our world would be less full of those who hurt and more full of those who help. "Everyone is going through their own battle. You shouldn't be throwing extra stones."

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A Letter to my Guardian Angels in Heaven

I try my best to make each of you proud everyday.

 To my Guardian angels,

  If I could have one more minute with you I wouldn't take it for granted. I'd wrap you up in the biggest hug and wouldn't let go of you. God, do I miss you.  I miss hearing your voices. You were so important in my life, I took it for granted. Nobody ever knows how hard it is to lose someone you love until it happens to you.

I want you to know that, I try my best to make each of you proud everyday. I only hope that I am doing enough. 

The days with out are long and hard. I find myself in tears all the time. I cry when I hear songs, when I see something that I know you'd love, and sometimes I just cry until my eyes are swollen. When you left this earth you took a piece of my heart with you. That's the hardest part, knowing that you can't ever get those pieces of your heart back. They are gone. 

People say that you're in a better place but , I can't help to think that you'd be better off down here on earth would be a better place for you, with your family and friends. I know you fought like hell to hang on to every last moment you could.  Sometimes I would just take a mental picture of you doing the stupidest things, just so I would never forget that moment.

It's been a rough,  Hell its been rough for me ever since you left this precious earth. I sometimes can't even remember what your hugs feel like, it has felt like an eternity since I have gotten one. There will never be day in my life where you don't cross my mind.  

If there's one thing that I really need you to know it would be this......

I miss you like hell, but I am so lucky to have the greatest guardian angels in heaven

I love and miss you everyday.


The person you left behind

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