An Open Letter to the Next Guy I Let In

Dear Next Guy I Let In,

I don't say this like you are the next in line or something, but to the guy who comes into my life next. I do not know when this will be, or if I will even be expecting it, but know this: if I let you in do not take it lightly. I do not let anyone in easily, and I have to see a great deal in you to do so. It may take me longer to let you in than what you think it should. That is because the last guy I let in was someone who I thought I should, but in the end just ended in much pain.

I do not expect you to help mend the wounds of the last person or even understand when I cannot do some things just yet. I just ask for you to be patient with me and be there. Eventually, I will let you in and it will be amazing.

I can care for you so much deeper than you would think and some days more than you deserve, but that won't matter to me. Because to me, you will always deserve it.

Be open with me because I am being open with you. Do not keep things from me because I am a big girl and can handle it. I know hurt and a little hurt every now and then is way better than a ton of hurt at once. I cannot take much more hurt in my life.

I cannot wait to meet you and see where we will go. Just know that I am working on the things that have been issues in the past and I am only human. I know that you are only human too and will make mistakes, but we can work them out. I just want to see you strive in life as I strive beside you.

I can be your biggest cheerleader, do not take advantage of this. I will be there cheering through failures and success.

I will let you in, it will just take time.

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