An Open Letter to the New President of the United States
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An Open Letter to the New President of the United States

Hey there Donald, could I speak with you for a second?

An Open Letter to the New President of the United States
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Dear President Trump,

I guess congratulations are in order considering your new position and everything. You’ve got a huge four years ahead of you so I hope you’re ready. All political affiliations aside, I just have a few simple requests of you if it’s not too much to ask. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but I think these requests might fall under the umbrella of your duties as President of the United States of America.

I understand you beat out the first female presidential candidate for your new presidency, and quite frankly, haven’t had the best reputation in regards to females in the past building up to today. Heck, I even wrote an article on the horror of one incident.

But now that you are running this country, I ask that you recognize women as equal counterparts in this world. I don’t just mean in terms of derogatory comments and sexually driven insults. I am talking about in politics, in business, in medicine, and across the globe. Please do not contribute to the solidarity of this glass ceiling that we have been trying to break for decades.

I ask that you empower women, not only in this country, but across the world to break barriers; I ask that you encourage women to be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem as many people may still view women in the conversation about gender equality.

I ask that you encourage women to grow intellectually and to embrace positions of power in this world. I ask that you do not tear women down or demean them. I ask that you use your new presidency to uplift women and continue the campaign of gender equality that has preceded you.

I also understand you have made some less than popular comments in regards to minorities, from building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border or the condemnation of Middle Eastern citizens. The list could go on, but I won’t.

You are the president of this country now. And with that being said, I ask that you no longer continue this tyrannical rampage that you have carried on throughout campaigning. I ask that you recognize the serious problem America still faces everyday with racism and discrimination.

Despite efforts of those before you, racism is still not completely eliminated from this country. I know it will not go away overnight, but I know that you can be a part of this continuation to strive for change.

As a student of Baylor, my fellow peers have personally experienced the extent of this racism.

Natasha Nkhama, a Baylor University student, was recently pushed off a sidewalk by a young man who said, “No n*****s allowed on the sidewalk.”

While walking to the library, another female student’s hair was yanked by a young man who yelled, “I can’t wait until Trump builds the wall," while running away.

While I understand these are not directly your fault as you were not personally on this campus pulling hair and pushing people off sidewalks, your influence and words do directly impact the mindset of others.

So with all of this being said, I ask that you constantly remember the position of power you are in and the immense influence your words have on this country.

This includes Twitter rants and conversations you might think are private, I ask that you respect this country and its people the way your supports have respected you and brought you to the White House.

As the 45th President of the United States of America, your actions and your words will go down in history. Now whether it is a positive or negative light is left up to you. While I may not be the #1 Trump supporter, I am a citizen of the United States of America and I can only hope that this new position of power has changed your outlook on certain issues such as gender and racial equality. I can only hope that you take on the responsibilities you have been granted with class and grace, despite any previous actions or incidents.

This letter could go on for pages, but the point is, I have faith in this country and I know we will come together as one nation. My only hope is that you will lead this nation rather than try to combat it or change it.

Decisions have been made and power has been granted. At this point, it’s all a matter of the future and how we move forward as a country.

So President Trump, I hope this isn’t too much to ask for. The past is the past, and the future is in our hands – your hands to be more specific. Please do not lose sight of this nation’s purpose. I am entrusting you to take care of my country.

Sincerely and cautiously,

Your Wary but Hopeful Neighborhood College Student

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