Dear friend,

I am addressing you as a "friend", although you most certainly are not because you used to be. You used to be somebody very close to me, who I cared about and trusted, and now you aren't anymore. Good riddance, am I right?

To all who I know personally: this is not aimed as an indirect to any one person specifically in my life. Please avoid personalizing my words and/or believing that this pertains to you because it doesn't.

But I think what you did was no good.

Because this is, exactly, what you did: you took somebody who cared about you, who trusted you and enjoyed spending time with you, who did almost everything for you because you deserved it and because you guys were friends, and that's what friends do, right? And you used that to your advantage; you lied to me, you told me things that you knew would change my opinions of other people, which only really served you, and you used me and my relationships to better your own life. You made me feel important only so I would not leave you behind (although I would not have done that anyway), not because you cared about me but because you just did not want to be alone. You said things that would keep me close to you, either out of guilt or responsibility. And once somebody new came along, I was old news and no longer of any use. Bye!!

You have manipulated me extremely hard, in ways that I am sure are still secret, and it has left its impact on me.

But this is not an angry letter, and I am willing, actually, to move on. I am actually writing to tell you just that - that I have decided not to think about this anymore. You have manipulated me enough; since I can escape you, I will.

Like everybody has advised me, I have finally accepted that I do not need you in my life and it is time to move on. Clearly, I did not matter to you... I just wish that you had talked to me about what was going on and were clear about how you needed me instead of using me and throwing me aside.

I hope that eventually you understand how it is and is not okay to treat people and you move on from this hateful place in your life. I am not on any high horse at all when I say this; truly, I am coming from a place of concern from somebody who has had a lot of memories with you. Eventually, you will meet somebody who has treated you like you have treated me and then you will understand.

I also hope that, in the future, I will have the strength to get out of these relationships sooner. I saw your manipulation happening, yet I hoped it would go away or was a one time thing; I guess I've learned that lesson too. Good people do not deserve to be treated like they are bad.

Good luck with your life, and I wish you introspection and a future filled with plenty of lessons on how it is and is not okay to coexist with others. Start by not lying, or, if you do, continue by not saying hurtful things out of embarrassment.

All the best,

An ex-friend