An Open Letter To The Girl In Second Place
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An Open Letter To The Girl In Second Place

You'll get there someday!

An Open Letter To The Girl In Second Place

Dear Second Place Winner,

Congratulations! You won! How might you ask? Well, you may not have won the grand prize, but I promise you've won so much more.

As TV personality, Abby Lee Miller would say, "Second is always the first to lose." However, the second is really the one that wins the most. You see, first place winners get their trophy, recognition, and cash prize, and learn little to nothing from the experience. And once you're on top, there is nowhere else to go but down.

But you, my friend, have everywhere to go. The world is yours to discover. To figure out how to do better next time. To find friends that will put you before anything else. To place your frustrations of losing on something positive, on energy that will only make you improve.

I know it must seem like you've failed. It's hard not to win, but it is even harder to understand what winning truly means. Winning means that you learn something. In order to win, one must realize that you won't always be first, and the spotlight has to be shared with other people every now and then. Real winners know that it isn't just about succeeding yourself, but also helping your friends and opponents achieve their goals.

As far as being second in sports, academics, and competitions, there are only opportunities to improve and move up the ladder. However, being a teenage girl in today's society has made me realize that winners are not only found in the instances previously mentioned but in friendships and life as well. I am here to tell you that your time will come.

Being second is difficult, but you always have to remember to take care of yourself, and be happy for those around you. It is hard when you aren't the first one chosen for the gym and when you are excluded from social events because there weren't enough spots left; trust me I know. But I have learned that you can only be happy for what you do have, as opposed to what others are given.

Just know in your heart that you are doing the best you can. Put all of your time in effort into things that make you happy and that will lead to your future success. Things are never handed to you, and sometimes life can be unfair. However, your losses are not what define you, but rather they are what shape you into a well-rounded, accepting person.

Your time will soon come, and you will be first place and you will be someone's first choice. Until then, though, work hard to achieve your dreams, and never take your eye off of your goal. Strive for perfection and never be envious of what you don't have. You've received a lot more in your life than you realize, things that winners will never have.

Keep working hard. You'll make it someday!

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