An Open Letter To The Best Friend Who Betrayed Me

An Open Letter To The Best Friend Who Betrayed Me

This is an open letter to the first close friend to stab me in the back.


It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken. I would like to be able to say that I’m not still angry and hurt by what you did, but that would be a lie. You were my best friend, we literally did everything together. Everybody knew that wherever one of us went the other was there too. Do you remember hanging out after school in your room? You would do my makeup and hair, because I’ve always been terrible at both. We would make videos together that were downright spastic. If anyone had witnessed our shenanigans, they would think we were insane. We had a bucket load of inside jokes and code words so we could talk about people without anyone knowing. Yes, most of the time we did act insane but it was ok because we were insane together.

Our friendship wasn’t perfect. We were both selfish, always out for our own gain rather than being there for each other. We had our differences, and boy were we different in some ways. I was a lot more quiet and reserved around strangers, while you had a constant loud and vibrant personality. I cared a lot more about my studies than you did. You saw things as black and white and I could see gray. You were quick tempered and I was more controlled.We always envied each other. I envied your natural ability to charm anyone you met, and you envied my confidence. Nevertheless, at one time we were true friends and we loved each other like sisters. We told each other everything and we were each others back bone. I taught you how to be tougher and you taught me how to be more outgoing. It meant something to me, and I guess I thought it did to you too.

When I learned that it was you that had cost me all my friends and my reputation, I was stunned. What had I done that was so terrible to you, that you could go behind my back and lie about me? It was the first time that anyone I had genuinely trusted betrayed me so brutally. Every single secret, every single aspect of my personality, everything I’d ever said or done was exposed for all the world to see. I was stripped to the bone in front of the entire student body. When you learned the popularity trash talking could earn you, you went rampant. All you ever wanted was to be like the popular crowd at our high school, that’s something you told me. When the opportunity presented itself you went for it, even if though it meant hurting a person who would never hurt you. So you spread lies, vicious lies that circulated like wildfire. You completely dismantled my reputation, and stuck knives so deep into my back I’m still pulling them out to this day. It ruined my concept of friendship. I have a hard time trusting any friend now a days and I will never blindly trust the way I did with you again.

It’s been two years since our falling out and the only thing I have to ask you now is, was it worth it? You threw away all those moments we spent together, all the laughs, all the tears. Every memory we’d ever had together went from a memory of happiness to a memory of anger and pain. Do you remember a couple weeks prior to this when we went to some Italian fair in NYC with your family, and afterwards we felt closer than ever? Do you remember all those times you confided in me your deepest secrets and I returned with no judgement? You threw it all away for a bunch of fake friends, who in the end wound up leaving you the way I never would. You wound up sitting alone at lunch. You wound up with your only friends being in another state because no one in our town would associate you. If you hadn’t done what you did I would feel sorry for you. If you hadn’t done what you did I would still be your best friend now. So was destroying your best friends life worth your 15 seconds of fame?

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