An Open Letter To President-Elect Trump

An Open Letter To President-Elect Trump

In the face of the results of this election, we must accept what we cannot change.

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Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on your win in the presidential election, it is admittedly something that no one believed would happen, something that came as a genuine surprise to the entire nation.

I know that you believe that you are doing what is best for our country, but some of the population is unsure about you, including me, and I have it better than a lot of my friends. I am a cis-gendered, white female and I am concerned about my body and my rights, but there is something I am more concerned about. I fear for the future of my LGBTQ+ friends and family members, who have fought so hard to be where they are today and to accept who they are. I fear for the Muslim members of my community, who are not who you think they are, who you have not given the chance that they deserve to prove themselves, because they are Americans, too.

I walk around my liberal college campus and I am afraid to be on my own. This is not something that has changed since you have been elected, but something that has become more present. Young boys do look up to you, Mr. Trump, and you are supposed to be a role model to them, not encourage them to "grab women" inappropriately, or to make us seem like women are more objects than people. There have been reports that say that men have been following in your footsteps after you were elected because they think it's okay to "grab women" and show her how it is, how powerless we are. I have been powerless before, I do not wish to go back there again.

I realize that I am an 18-year-old liberal woman from Texas, so according to you, what do I know? I have no right to say these things, and I have no doubt that if you were to read this message, you would be laughing, and would not take me seriously for a minute. But I have to take you seriously because you have put yourself in the one position that requires me to do so. So I am begging you, please, for the sake of my body and my health and my rights, for the sake of the people I love who are the kind of people that you hate, please do not give us any more reason to fear you. Stand up, grow up, and be a president that maybe we were wrong about. Prove to America that you really will "make it great again" instead of acting like the child that you have shown us throughout the election process. It is time to step up, Mr. Trump. The question is, will you?

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