An Open Letter To My Healing Mom

Dear Mom,

Watching you hurt this last week has been nothing short of devastating for me, though I know the pain you are feeling is much worse. I remember the first text I received from my stepdad, Mike, on Thursday, February 2nd. I was sitting in Philosophy class. The text simply read: "We are still in Orlando. Your mom has bad flu symptoms so we are seeing the doctor." My heart began to race and the room spun around me. I was worried about you. However, I tried to turn my attention back to my class, believing that you would be okay and that I would see you the next day at parents' weekend. An hour later, I was still in class and received another text: "Let me know when you have a minute to talk." There were about five minutes left in class, and I tried to contain my anxiety. As soon as my professor dismissed class, I ran out of the room and dialed Mike's phone number. His voice was shaky as he explained that you had passed out at the airport in Orlando, fractured your skull, and were at the emergency room.

I began to cry. My mind jumped to the worst case scenario: that you would not make it. I thought about my life without you, and it seemed like it would be impossible to live. Who would I talk to about my problems? Who would hold me when I sobbed? Would I see Mike anymore or not? You had always been my rock, my go-to person, and the thought of not having you there to hold my hand was crushing. I sat down and I prayed, hoping for the best outcome. Thankfully, God answered my prayers. You are alive.

You stayed in the hospital for three days in Orlando so that the doctors could monitor you. You were not able to come to Saint Mary's for parents' weekend. I asked Mike for updates every hour. I went home with Dad in order to avoid the pain of seeing my friends have a great time with their families while you were suffering. Those days were a whirlwind of emotion, phone calls and texts from family and friends, and tears. I was worried about my best friend and biggest supporter.

You came home on Sunday, just in time to watch the Super Bowl. You were having trouble walking and kept complaining about a headache. Leaving you to go back to school was heartbreaking. I wanted to be by your side. I know you are in the best care with Mike, and that you are doing everything to get better. I will continue to call you and to visit as often as I can until you have completely healed.

I am so glad that you are still here with me. You are one of the most important people in my life. Always. I love you most.



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