Life has a funny way about kicking people down to a point where they can barely stand back up again. I have felt the strains of life, the stress from school, the heartbreak in a breakup, and the crushing weight of financial troubles. What I did not realize until you came into my life was that I do not have to face these things alone.

You are there for me no matter what I go through in life. When my other “friends” won’t give me the time of day, you are there to drive around with me and just talk. The last two, or so, years of my life have been filled with crappy experiences that have become great memories thanks to you, and I am forever grateful.

When my senior prom was a disaster you showed up to pick me up out of the rain and have a fun rest of the night. Whenever I have felt far too lonely you have miraculously called me up saying “I’m outside let’s go!” You always have my back, ready to jump to my side whenever I might get caught up in a fight. We’ve caused a high-speed chase and we’ve been undercover looking out for crimes. We travel, we talk, and we really just click. I’ve never had a better friend and I don’t think I ever will have a better friend.

When my heart was broken by a girl that I thought could be “the One” you knew me well enough to try and bring me my favorite things (Even though Pizza Hut was closed and I didn’t get any wings I still really appreciated it). You know me, better than anyone, sometimes I think you even know me better than I do.

Time and time again you cheer me up, I don’t know if I have been there for you as much as you need, but I can only hope that I have and that I cheer you up and help you cope with the problems that arise in your own life.

We’ve spent hours talking about politics, personal troubles, theoretical physics, philosophy, religion and countless other topics. You always introduce me to new people as the smartest person you know and even though that is completely untrue it is incredibly flattering.

We have a relationship that I've never before had with anyone. Aside from the jokes that we and others make about our relationship we really are close and I don't think I'll ever be this close with any other friend. There's just something about what we have that simply can not be recreated.

My life is in no way bad, but having you in it makes it better. From our late night drives to our radio duets, to our countless other shenanigans, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side through it all. Together, we are, most definitely, I.