Dear fake friends,

This is not a letter about drama. I'm not calling anyone out or trying to make anyone feel bad. This is one of those, "if the shoe fits" kind of things, which means I'll let you decide if this is talking about you.

Throughout my almost 20 years, I've experienced quite a few fake friends. From being my friend for their own personal gain, using me, and the one I cannot stand the most, talking bad about me behind my back.

Though none of you truly intended to hurt me, or some of you may have, I forgive you all. I just want you to know that your pettiness, drama and hurtful treatment has made me realize what a true friend is, and value those friends more. Your actions have made me a stronger person, in all aspects of life.

However, I have some advice for you. First off, talking bad about someone behind their back, is like digging a hole you will never be able to get out of. I've learned that if you truly have a problem with someone or something they do, consult with them. Believe me, they will always find out about this little problem, and it will sound a whole lot better coming from you, rather than someone else. Also, using someone, or being their friend for your own personal benefit, is probably the most hurtful thing you can do. Being a true friend is caring about the actual person you're friends with, not getting something in return.

Most people you do this to are going to want revenge, to hurt you back and never speak to you again. Sure, I felt the need to do all these things when I initially found out what kind of person you are, but then I would be just like you. Just remember when you are treating everyone like this and being fake, you may need a true friend one day. It's so easy to be petty, full of drama and hurtful. Be a little different, it will make a lot of difference in the people you have in your life.