An Open Letter To My Dad


I rarely tell you how thankful I am to have you in my life, and that is a shame.

Coming to college has taught me so much, especially being grateful for your family. Ever since I was a little girl, you have always told me to never settle for less and always strive to be the best version of. You taught me that challenges and obstacles will come my way; however, these difficulties do not and should not define who you are as an individual.

Twenty years ago, I could not imagine the impact and the influence you have in my life. Yes, I once was a daddy's girl and for a long time, I have to admit. Then, I kind of crossed over into being a mommy's girl when I started high school. That doesn't mean that you do not matter as much as Mom. I tell you things that I do not tell her and vice versa.

I truly appreciate our weekly phone calls. They are really special to me, especially since college can be stressful. You have always been there to reassure me whenever I am worried about something. You know that I overthink things all of the time. It is just a tendency I have always had, but you have always told me that I have the power to control that tendency.

You constantly stress the importance of maintaining a positive attitude despite the circumstances. You have taught me that laughter is the best medicine. You are goofy, weird and just full of joy. I have noticed that several traits of mine have come from you, and I thank God for that.

You have always been a great provider for my mom, my sister and I. The love that you have for those around is evident, and I am honored and proud to call you my dad. I love you!

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