An Open Letter For My Future Child
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An Open Letter For My Future Child

An Open Letter For My Future Child

There are certain reasons why someone chooses not to bring another living being into the world. There are adults that swear against ever having their own children, whether it be because they think they won't be good enough parents, or because this world can be a terrifying place and the prospect of shaping someone else's future is equally scary. For some, it may be that they simply do not want kids. For most cases, it just isn't the time or the place yet.

Most times when asked about my opinion on kids, I have to stop and think about how little experience I've had with them, and being responsible for them genuinely makes me nervous. I've only babysat as many times as I can count on one hand, yet kids seem to flock to me and my mom always gets a kick out of it. Not to mention I'm not the best at saying no, especially to small children.

Although I don't see myself having kids anytime in the foreseeable future, if I end up having my own, I want them to know so many great things.

Dear Future Mini Me,

This is an open letter to you, whether you be a boy, a girl, transgender, or a unicorn. Whether you become a reality in the future or not, I guarantee you are going to have a beautiful heart and soul. Even if you're not very much like me, I have absolutely no doubt that you at least will be quirky and silly. If you turn out anything like your mom, aunt, grandma, and great grandma, then there is no escaping it.

Your grandma is going to spoil you, often too much. It'll be payback for all of the times her mother let my tantrums slide. Your aunt is also going to spoil you, but she may also scar you for life.

I hope you travel, read great books, laugh often, and go through a rainbow of emotions knowing it's all worth it. I hope you end up doing something you love and with people that don't drag you down.

You are going to mess up--a lot-- but know that it's okay. If you don't mess up, then how are you going to succeed? Don't dwell so heavily on what people think or might think of you. Odds are, if they don't know you well, their opinions aren't worth a penny.

You may be like me and not have many outstanding father figures until later in your life, but I hope that your father will love you at least as much as I do. Even if he can't be there to show you. I hope he treats you like a prince or princess, whichever you prefer.

I want you to always remember that boys and girls can break your heart, but you have to keep looking for the right friends and relationships. Hopefully, the right ones will just come to you. You might even have a sibling that is a partner in crime to have your back when I am not there.

At some point in your life, you will hate me for something I say or do. Whether it be taking away your electronics or telling you that you can't go to a party, I just want you to know that I promise I will always mean well. I finally figured that out from my mom when I escaped from my angst-filled teenage years. Sometimes you will be mad and it will be for absolutely no valid reason.

You need to know you can't always have the privilege of getting what you want. It will be extremely gratifying to go out there and grab the opportunities that life gives you.

Of course, I won't always be right, so some of your anger will be completed rational. So have a temper tantrum and be a brat, but also know that you don't have to have instant gratification to benefit from something.

There will be some days where I want to give up, but all of the spit up, messy diapers, and crying won't matter when I imagine the life we'll lead together.

Right now, it's difficult to imagine me, still by all means a child myself, cradling you in my arms, living in my own home, and managing to get by. I am amazed by my friends that already have a few children of their own. It constantly reminds me that we are all technically adults now. I promise you I will try and remember what it was like to be a kid, but I will also have to put my foot down.

I may be way too overprotective at times and most arguments will end with "because I said so." I feel like this is something every child will have to deal with from their parents. Until you move out, "because I'm your mother" will always be a valid point. I won't think I will have to always make sense, because protecting you will be my number one priority.

I guarantee you will be exposed to more types of art and music than you know what to do with. And if you end up loving Country, then I will still claim you. Basically, if you committed murder, I would still claim you.

And most importantly, though I'll have said it a thousand times:

Whether you're a thug or a saint, gay or straight, a scientist or an artist,

I will always love you.


Your Future Mom

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