An Insider Tour Of NYC
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An Insider Tour Of NYC

An Insider Tour Of NYC

Ah, Winter Break—a month-long break for relaxation and traveling for college students across the United States. For those who are road tripping or catching a flight to the "Big Apple" (no locals actually call it that), here is a list of places to go that are not typical destinations for tourists. Times Square and seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center is fun, but the overwhelming number of tourists and everyone trying to find a right spot to take a selfie can be a little hectic. Going outside the mainstream attractions of NYC is where the true colors of the city are. Scroll through to check out some authentic NYC locations:

1. The High Line

It's a 1.45 mile long, linear park built on a disused railroad. Walking along the High Line, you can capture picturesque views of the city, listen to the joyful tunes of street performers, sniff the flowers, and treat yourself to some treats from local vendors. The High Line transports you to a garden in the sky, a peaceful walk in a busy city.

2. Whitney Museum of American Art

The new Whitney building, located in one of the most stylish neighborhoods in NYC, has floors of beautiful art and an incredible view of the city on the upper balcony. You can soak up the decades of American art and enjoy a cocktail on the upper deck all while taking in breathtaking view of the skyline.

3. Park Avenue Armory

A palace and war-time industrial shed, this Upper East Side venue holds some of New York's mix of performance art, architecture, and other artistic expressions. It's historic and modern simultaneously; a platform for new artists to show their work in unconventional ways that will leave audiences in awe.

4. Madison Square Park

This little park next to the famous Flat Iron Building has beautiful art installations and various food festivals. You can walk through and check out the seasonal art, listen to local bands, and stumble into a food festival that will certainly not disappoint.

5. The McKittrick Hotel

This is no ordinary hotel, home to the eclectic interactive performance "Sleep No More." A modern adaptation of the Shakespearean classic "Macbeth," the play transports you to a speakeasy and an adventure where a pair of running shoes is required. Have some absinthe in the speak easy, put on a mask, and chase down a Macbeth character and see the story unfold.

6. Little Italy

If you have a love for tacky Christmas decorations and authentic Italian cuisine, this little neighborhood is the right place for you. You can shop, eat, drink fine wine, and enjoy the kitschy ambiance.

7. Delancey Street

This street tucked away in Downtown NYC has fantastic restaurants, remarkable street art, and legendary concert venue the Bowery Ballroom that has cheap fun shows.

8. The Seaglass Carousel

Located at the Battery, this new merry-go-round isn't just for kids. For $5, you can take a ride on this aquatic scenery that looks like you are part of "The Little Mermaid."

9. McSorley's Old Ale House

One of New York's oldest bars where you can find the original cobwebs in the chandeliers, this historic dive bar offers fine cuisine like saltines with American cheese and spicy mustard. Make sure to order two beers at a time -- the bartenders will ignore if you don't.

10. Search and Destroy

Looking to shop? This vintage and new clothing store is the place to go! Located on St. Marks Street, this store welcomes you with heavy metal music, Barbie dolls in compromising positions, and horror movie masks hanging from the ceiling. It's a fun and unconventional shopping experience, but you are sure to find a wild piece of clothing.

11. Mr. Sunday

Located in Brooklyn's Industry City, this is a dance party located in between two warehouses. You can dance like nobody is watching (no pictures allowed), eat tacos and burgers, and drink local beers! It's nothing but positive vibes; however, it only goes on in the spring and summer.

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