Suicide Prevention

The physical act of suicide because of loneliness, the feeling of worthlessness, and depression is something that is comparable to a suicide bomber.

Suicide bombers are typically terrorists. They set out to complete a mission based on their beliefs, losing their lives in the process. Everything up to that point has been based on this one act that would deem them a hero. In the happening of a suicide bomber, the people closest to them suffer the most.

Someone that is 10 feet away from the suicide bomber will most likely die on impact. They will probably be unidentifiable. The people that just so happened to walk out the door before the bomb went off could potentially live. They might make it, but they are traumatized from what just happened. Their ears will ring for days and it's something they will never forget. The people that gather around outside because of all the commotion will regret gathering. They will shield their children and tell them that everything is going to be okay. Police that have to call loved ones, to tell families that they found their son or daughter dead or injured inside of a building because of a bomb will never forget dialing that phone number.

In an act of depression led to suicide, the people that they have the closest relationships with suffer the most. There is almost no difference besides physical death and emotional death. They will never forget the phone call and the days following.

Committing suicide is something that has a chain reaction. Death, in general, is a chain reaction. Each and every year we honor people on the day of their passing. Depending on your relationship with the deceased, you may grieve one day each month as months go by. You may grieve daily because they were so dear to you, and you cannot help but be reminded of the life they lived.

However, there is a way you can advocate for the avoidance of suicide.

It all starts with a planted seed, which is what this article is. I am planting a seed in your mind by telling you that you can change the lives of others, or even your life itself. Maybe you are looking for a sign. There is a possibility that you have had a gut feeling about one of your friends lately, and now is the time to act on it.

There is no reason to wait. There is a change to be made. There are lives to be saved, and this is your sign.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but it gets better. The dark and broken place that you are in, are learning experiences that you can grow from. This isn't a motivational article. I'm not trying to get you to get up and brush things off, because that is a battle in itself that people do not understand, and even after they understand they may tend to forget.

Help is here, help is you, and help is now.

Hug your loved ones, be there for people that need it, understand where others are coming from, and keep pushing forward because someday it will get better. If you believe in yourself, you can reach depths that you never imagined.

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