Why Amy Poehler Is the President the United States Really Needs

Let's face it, the Presidential election has got everyone feeling like Britney Spears in 2007. Stressed, depressed, and not so well dressed. Our country is in need of a true leader, so forget Clinton and Trump. If we all are willing to be truly honest with ourselves, we can admit that the only person for the job is our very own Amy Poehler. Here are a few reasons why she is the only one who can truly "Make America Great Again".

We all know and love Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, her multiple personalities portrayed on SNL, her countless films, and New York Times Best Seller books. Her ability to play characters, especially through Leslie Knope, who is completely invested in being the best political servant she can be shows her credibility and should prove to us already that she would be an incredible President.

Amy Poehler doesn't let anyone push her around, which leads me to my next point in that she would not only stand up for herself while in Office but be a voice and an advocate to people everywhere as our next President.

She understands that sometimes, you just need to let your freak flag fly, and nothing says that better than a little break dancing which she proves to be the best at (just like she would be the best President... coincidence?)

Amy Poehler is fully aware of her own self-worth. Her confidence is off the charts and knows that she is the best at everything that she does.

This is what Amy would have to say for anyone doubting that a woman could make a good President for whatever idiotic reasons they believe to be true.

I think we can all agree as a country that Amy Poehler has already proven just by being her amazing self that she is not only the President that America wants, but the President that America needs... and let's not forget about VP Tina Fey. Why? Because...

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