American Horror Story Is Trash... Not Sorry About It
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American Horror Story Is Trash... Not Sorry About It

A "cult classic" about an actual cult?? No thanks.

American Horror Story Is Trash... Not Sorry About It

So, this is something I've held onto for quite some time now. I know it's going to be an unpopular opinion to say the least, so I wanted to make sure that I took my time and really evaluated whether I wanted to unleash this on the world (and, in turn, have the world unleash their reaction on me.) However, I have decided that I can't hold it back anymore.

American Horror Story is horrible. It is not only disgusting to the human eye and simply frightening, but it is also dangerous. I'll delve into all of this a little later, because I know that you may have already written me off as a "fanatic" or "conservative" (which could not be further from the truth, by the way.)

Okay, maybe this complaint is just me... but the sexual situations presented in AHS take things WAY beyond anything I have ever seen on a TV show. It doesn't stop at sex and sexual acts being shown-- which is more than too much for little old me as it is. The act of sex is being marred by horror. For instance, the show depicted two of the killer clowns tormenting a main character by openly having sex in a grocery store. A recent episode suggested a sexual ritual between Winter and Sam, all supervised by Winter's brother. This is not just sex being put on a TV show intended for adults; this is pornographic material outside of the realm of pornographic context.

It doesn't take a prude, however, to recognize that American Horror Story has presented some of the most graphic content allowable by cable television. Brutal murders are committed (oh-so-casually) in every single episode. It's not only gun violence-- and yes, there has been gun violence as well. But, it goes way beyond that: beheading, stabbing, slasher-type killings, dismemberment; nothing is off-limits. And don't think that the perpetrators stop at the kill! First, they torment their victims physically, mentally, and emotionally. Characters on the show have forced victims to chop off their own limbs or be locked into coffins, to name a few examples.

All of these examples absolutely pale in comparison to the torture depicted in this past week's episode. (Yes, I am fully aware of everything that happens on this show; don't try the "How would you know if you don't watch it" argument with me.) In this particular episode, we get a glimpse into how Kai boarded his full-speed crazy train. Kai and Winter used to spend time posting on fanatic religious message boards online. They stumbled upon a haunted house attraction-- the "Judgement House." They wandered around the house while a "preacher" mumbled over the loudspeaker about different offenses against God and the Bible. As the two roamed from room to room, they saw what they thought were actors depicting scenes of torture they endured for various "sins."

Long story short, Kai and Winter discovered that these were not actors in a haunted house, but individuals targeted and kidnapped by a crazy man who wanted to inflict punishment upon them for things he viewed as sins. Some of the punishments included mutilation, purposeful overdose, and even outright murder. Kai and Winter set all of these individuals free, and they finished it off by killing the man behind the Judgement House. This gave Kai his first experience with "justified killing," and all it left him with was a desire to do it more and more.

Now, here is where I'm going to make my main point. American Horror Story is not only terrifying and repulsive to any human with a conscience; this show is straight-up dangerous. A perfectly logical response is to toss around the age-old adage, "It's just a TV show!" Yes, it's a TV show. The violence, the death, the sexual deviance-- all of it is being faked by actors trained in how to make it look real. American Horror Story is just a TV show.

But... have we not heard of copycat criminals? Our world today is filled with people who are truly and completely unstable: fanatics who literally sit around and research how to commit criminal acts for simple pleasure. Kai and his cult are setting these already insane people up with a plan: using the political climate and emotional instability present in the United States to commit acts of plain terror is something that is going to hit way too close to home for some sick, twisted people. I mean, American Horror Story literally shows Kai plotting and carrying out an entire systematic takeover! Is a takeover realistic in the real-world? Perhaps not-- but all of the manipulation, torment, and murder that Kai commits along the way are all too possible for a sick individual with a plan and too much time on their hands.

Essentially, American Horror Story: Cult is giving future criminal masterminds the fantasy of a super-elaborate, insanely violent scheme to take over even the smallest facet of society (remember, Kai is just a city counselor) through forming a cult based on murdering anyone who stands in your opposition.

How many shootings, kidnappings, stabbings, and serial killings do we need to hear about on the news before we realize that glorifying these sorts of things with presence on a popular TV show is doing nothing but perpetuating a problem?!

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