American Horror Story Returns With Another Horrifying Spin On A Modern Day Topic

American Horror Story Returns With Another Horrifying Spin On A Modern Day Topic

An American horror story right in the heat of current events

American Horror Story returns to television with another anticipated and thrilling plot. Just as last season’s Roanoke exacerbated and poked fun at the irony of the horrors of our current reality television obsession, this season’s Cult toys with the Trump election. What is far more crafty, however, is that the show focuses not on Trump’s election directly, but rather, it highlights the aftermath of the election.

Cult decisively illustrates the differing reactions toward the election verdict and the horrors that follow. A concept that is prevalent in this way makes for an authentic “American horror story” experience and, in Ryan Murphy fashion, will surely subvert the audience's view regarding political issues - if not in a terrifying view, at least a dramatic and entertaining way.

My hopes for this season is that AHS:Cult helps strike up more conversation regarding the plight among citizens in this country as a result of the most recent election. Likewise, though an almost satiric depiction of larger concepts, Cult can work to illuminate the more rigid perspectives of all voters whether in favor or against Donald Trump. This may seem far reaching, but the core value of television rests in its ability to provide information within a broad sect while allowing for viewers the chance to have access to current issues in the world. This show is no exception to this notion and hopefully this season will provide just that: the chance for audiences to acquire entertainment as well as open the doors for more questions to be raised and a desire to see things a little differently.

So, I urge people to watch, to keep an open mind, and to discuss with others about the topics within the show.

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