In the wake of one of the strongest hurricanes to hit Central America in years, Puerto Rico is still facing electrical problems. Even after eight days of reconstruction, Puerto Ricans are without power. Many of the natives have resorted to public institutions to charge electronics and even important life machines. Also, to get out of the heat, many people are spending entire days in neighborhood malls. Even though the power company is working to provide electricity to all those affected from the storm, many residents have turned to electricians on the Black Market. People working on the Black Market to provide electricity is not fixing the problem of little power over the country. Instead, the ‘workers’ are illegally hooking multiple locations’ service up to locations that have electricity. To backfire the illegal work, Puerto Rico started to hire secondary workers to help with the demand. However, this fell through after backlash of the secondary workers not being trained to set up electricity.

Personally, the electricity needs to be one of the priorities of the country. Having secondary workers in teams with experienced lineman can easily speed up the process of everyone regaining power. I hate to see America taking charge of Puerto Rico whenever it seems convenient for them. In a sense, the land is only for America when we want to tax tourism, but, when the people are in dire need of assistance, America is hardly around. I appreciate the Trump administration helping Texas and Florida in the wake of such massive storms, but I do not appreciate them turning their backs away from Puerto Rico.