America, What Have We Done?

America has always been seen as the nation of triumph, of good winning out against evil and persevering against all odds. We do not stand down to haters, terrorists or any individual who threatens our personal and national freedoms.

Our nation comes together in times of tragedy and sorrow. After the Sandy Hook shooting, all parents' hearts were left torn, unable to imagine the immense pain those parents were feeling. The whole nation stood still in pure disbelief over this act of hatred. After the Boston Marathon bombing, I have never felt a stronger sense of empowerment, pride and resilience. From the get-go, our people have fought against what is blatantly wrong. We fought against the British rule, fought against slavery and fought for equal rights of sexes, equal rights for marriage and continue to fight against terrorism.

As a global and economic leader, countries often look to the United States for guidance, support and as a model for what they dream their country to one day become. Today, countries are looking at the United States in shock, horror and utter disbelief.

It is time for our nation to face the facts. Our national debt is now equivalent to our GDP. Our educational systems are failing students and Americans are being lapped by Asian and European students on national exams. Immigrants are coming into our country and then leaving with their degree because they have a better chance of finding a well paid, high position job in their home country. Global warming is real; alternative sources of energy need to be widely integrated into daily lives now. Social Security is struggling because there are far less employed citizens now supporting each retired individual. We need to reform Social Security so that we can support the Baby Boomers retiring, to provide them with a sound future and we need to support those still in the labor force so that all of their checks are not funneled into the system. In order to remain a world power, a world leader, we need major reforms.

In this time, we need a leader who will provide us with answers to these pressing issues. As each day passes, we only become further in debt and farther behind in national educational rankings. We need a leader that will provide a plan to reform these issues and continue to strengthen our nation and preserve the American Dream.

We need a leader, not someone who will push our nation back years and years.

Not someone who will blame economic and social problems on minorities. (Let's all think back to European leader that also blamed his country's problems on minorities.)

Not someone who will build a wall and reduce the labor force needed for low skilled jobs.

Not someone who claims that men groping women is just "men being men" and who states that if Ivanka were not his daughter, he would go after her.

Not someone who is anti LGBT rights.

Not someone whose answer to everything is "I will make America great again."

That is a wonderful thought Mr. Trump, but will you ever tell us HOW you will do that? Will you ever cease to offer a false sense of improvement without any real plans? Will you realize that maybe you are better off in Trump Tower than in the White House?

Wake up America.

For those of you voted for Trump thinking that it's funny, and cool that a TV celebrity is our president, it is no longer funny. It is now reality. A reality that we are now all forced to live with. I understand that Senator Clinton is not the perfect candidate. But someone please tell me which political leader is perfect?

Scandals and behind-closed-doors deals have touched nearly every individual in our political system. So yes, this election may not have presented the two most desirable candidates. Yet somehow, a majority of this population failed to recognize the bigotry, arrogance, sexism, racism and crudeness of a man who is now our national leader.

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