From Facebook to CNN, I will hear something about the controversy of teachers being allowed to carry guns. I decided to find out what people truly felt about this controversy. America, listen to the people and what they have to say before you make any choices. America has a lot to say about their country.

Q: How do you feel about teachers having the right to carry guns in the classroom?

Kevin Martin:

“Honestly, I think it would be a great benefit to have at least some kind of tactical training for teachers. It's sad it's come to this point, but we can't be playing around in times like these. However, like anyone else, they need to be subjected to very lengthy mental health evaluations. I think that's where the big source of our issues lie. If arming our teachers can be proven it will protect our children, then let's make it happen.”

James Diehl:

“I’m for it as long as there are procedures that actually legitimately train the faculty to respond to and neutralize any threat in their school without any casualties that could’ve been avoided entirely. In the case that something does happen that they’re held fully accountable to any and all procedures and/or laws were broken.

Well, it's scary when I look back on some of the teachers I had, but it could be a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it's a trial and error situation. If they do this, however, I think the teachers that carry a gun need to have a camera in the classroom in case an incident or the teacher goes crazy or something like that happens, and they can stop it or use it as evidence to help put the teacher away.

I feel like it should be allowed only if the teacher knows how to handle a gun. If they don’t know anything about guns, then there’s no point to it.”

Jad Maxberry:

“So how I feel is, with our teachers being armed with a firearm, we have protection from intruders in our schools. It’s as simple as that whether it be locked away in a drawer or on the teacher’s hip the whole time. I fully support it. A gun in no way, shape, or form is going to cause bodily form harm unless acted with by a human and nowadays, we need to have protection and to be protected.

Now, of course, they should do like any other civilian and get their concealed carry and go through proper firearms training to ensure full security from the teachers. With a firearm in each teacher’s possession, let’s say we have 50 teachers in a school that is 50 firearms plus the shooter themselves plus the officers on the outside. I also think that teachers should still have the choice to carry or not and it be up to them but it is OPEN and LEGAL for them to do so if they choose.

I think this is a great idea. However, it is very hard to implement. Police officers have thousands of hours of training for high-stress situations. Teachers would also need that training. How will it be funded? A free concealed carry class won’t cut it. Sure you can take the class, but what comes after? More training. We can’t fund textbooks now, so how are we going to fund thousands of hours of training for each teacher? Something definitely needs to happen, but I’m not sure this is it.”

Autumn Deason:

“I think they should be able to, but they should have to go through a lot of psychiatric testing and have no anger problems.”

Spencer Brown:

“I feel like teachers should go through a course to learn how to actually use a firearm in the right way and the safe way. With how this has turned out, I believe that teachers should carry firearms in class because you never know when someone is going to come in and shoot up their school.

They are there to protect our children because they are prepared and maybe no lives will be lost and the shooter will be brought to justice whether he gets a bullet from a teacher protecting our children or through the Justice System. I agree teachers should carry a firearm in the classroom.

It would really be necessary if an accident had occurred in that specific school previously, then I would see where it might make sense. Other than that, all it would do is make some students feel unsafe. Also, what if that teacher was mentally unstable, then that would be a problem in itself.”

Samantha Sheets:

“I think that they should and should not be able to carry guns. There are many reasons for this answer, but one of my reasons for teachers not carrying a gun is because what if someone gets mad and pulls the gun? I’ve seen plenty of students in videos lay hands on teachers and actually beat them up.

That would make it so easy for a student to take the gun and shoot people. But a reason I think they should carry a gun is for the safety of students. Kids are going to school to learn and getting shot. It’s crazy.”