Finding a partner in life isn’t always easy. There are so many people in this world you can be physically attracted to, and just as many that have a personality that just clicks with you. Time and time again potential suitors, and others in your life, ask:

What do you look for in a person?

What qualities attract you to that person?

What do you see in your future wife/husband?

So we create this list of physical and characteristic traits that we find attractive – the perfect body, heart, and level of kindness. We leave out innumerable ideal traits and forget to mention even the most culminating ones sometimes. However, we need to stop looking for perfection and start looking for a little more of something called ambition.

Nothing is sexier in this world than a man (or woman) who is ambitious. Ambition, itself, is the ultimate trait. As a whole, it is the combination of passion, desire, determination, and drive. The eagerness to not only set a dream for oneself, but to achieve that goal is attractive. What is even more engaging though? A person who continually sets new standards to attain their dreams every single time they achieve the others. A person who never settles in life. A person with the drive and will to grow and prosper as a surpassing and exceptional individual.

A person’s ambition should be the sexiest thing about them. The inclination to achieve all of ones goals and dreams in life is beyond attractive. A person with motivation tacked on to their vision and purpose is a lethal weapon in the game of life.

Ultimately, don’t just settle for someone. Find someone who wants to continually work hard and thrive and never let them go. Find someone who supports, challenges, and pushes you just as much as you do to them; always be supportive and mutually beneficial to one another. Find someone who is just as ambitious, if not more than you, because someone with goals and a passion to achieve them is beyond alluring. Someone who sets high standards, and has the determination and will to get what he or she wants, is just outright sexy.

It is about time we start rethinking what we are looking for in a person we may want to share the rest of our lives with. Ambition should be at the top of our new standards… because what is sexier than a person with not only a dream, but a passion to get there.