Stop using the R labels interchangeably... Republicans ARE NOT racists.

Yes, I define myself as a Republican. No, I am not oblivious to what is going on around the world. I have senses and use them. I watch the news and hear about the hundreds of innocent lives being slain by police officers. I understand the silent protests of kneeling down during the national anthem. I know there is injustice and inequality in this world that unfortunately may never be settled. And yes, I did vote for Donald Trump. But do I agree with everything he has done, said, tweeted and is initiating? No. Do I think he is the quintessential Republican? Absolutely Not. Just because someone has a certain belief or view on political matters does not qualify her or him as a racist.

I do not consider the extremist Neo-Nazis as Republicans: I consider them ignorant. In fact, most Republicans I know do not even associate themselves with these terrorists. The same goes for the actual racists who are still living in the past and refuse to accept the result of the Civil War. It extremely aggravates me knowing that people think these dirty savages affiliate with the Republican Party. They may call themselves a member, but I decline their membership and refuse to let them destroy the party's identity.

We DO NOT tolerate ignorance.

Republicans believe in a strict interpretation of our Constitution authored by our Founding Fathers. Yes, society evolves and laws should reflect it. But the beauty of the party is painted by the differing views of members. Not everyone agrees on topics. They may have the same fundamental ideals, but many disagree on moral issues such as abortion, death penalty and so much more. Yet, we work together. We embrace diversity. True Republicans do not discriminate against divergent views; doing so is considered ignorant. Those who do are not true Republicans, even if they claim to be. We do not tolerate ignorance. True Republicans are the Patriots who fought for the independence of the USA. True Republicans are the Unionists who helped fight to protect the unity of the USA and the emancipation of slaves. True Republicans believe in treating people equally and progression of the nation as a whole. True Republicans love this nation and its people. True Republicans are Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. These are the true Republicans we associate with.

Having a more conservative view on running the government or economy with little wiggle room does not justify one to label Republicans as racists. Do not confuse us for unintelligible deplorables who represent prejudice and hate that cause harm directly or indirectly towards others. They are not Republicans. They may claim us, but we DO NOT claim them.