I Am Most Content In New York
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I Am Most Content In New York

I wanna be in the city that never sleeps, where bagels are cheap and a Starbucks on every corner.

I Am Most Content In New York

Sometimes growing up in the same place your whole life can start to make you feel limited and in some cases, leave you to wonder if there is more to you and life than just things you already have established about yourself and what you have seen. Seeing the same people and being surrounded by the same environment going through the same constant routine. It only becomes a matter of time before you start to question your contentment, so it awakens the thought of where exactly could you see yourself being content?

I remember the one time in my life that I felt wonderfully surprised and equally content when I traveled to New York City. It was, for a lack of better words, a kid walking into a candy shop for the first time. There is something to always treasure there and New York is the lost and found of America and I want to lose myself and find who I am meant to be in the city.

Since the time I was there, I have developed a perspective of my future that I can see being fulfilled in New York because in the Big Apple, each day is anything but the same routine. In New York, days are filled with life and surprises, people moving different directions, city lights stretching for miles and just complete excitement all around. The surroundings and atmosphere are different every day, which keeps excitement, and wonder in life. When I went there, I was so anxious because there was no end to the list of possibilities. The streets were filled with cabs, people, and entertainment. I felt content because within the city there were little towns to represent all types of cultures and one of those cultures being my own. Sicilian blood runs through my veins so I felt a sense of belonging since Little Italy is populated by loud and strong willed Sicilians like I would consider myself. I am also known to be a consistent hand talker and find that my hand gestures can explain what I am saying a lot better and has the potential to direct people more than me just telling them. Using our hands is a major communication tool in the city when bringing in cabs and getting around, so I felt at home.

People often disregard that under the city is another city, the subway system. The subway is full of people, graffiti, and musicians claiming spots where everyone can see them. I like to think that I am built just like that subways lines. I have a destination that I am heading towards but along my journey I am going to make stops. I enjoy the fast paced life, the adrenaline I get when everyone is rushing opposite directions carrying on their own conversations for I am not a slow pace person at all. Although I like the unpredictable nature of New York, I have to admit I am a bit mainstream. New York is the origin of many new trends and it was amazing to observe the updating trends I follow first hand.

Although I have been to New York a couple of times, I find it comforting that some of these elements bestowed in the city are present in my personality and the person I want to be. My experience in the city assured me that I am most content in New York City, New York.

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