Now the title may be a little deceiving because this article isn't really about hoarding. I recently read an article about change and how it is usually a good thing. Reading this article it really stood out to me and made me think about how much I hate change. I get so comfortable with my life that I don't want anything to ruin it. I get emotionally connected and attached to people and objects. I don't like to throw away old school papers because I think I will, for some reason, need them in the future. At work, I used a fanny pack last year (I am a lifeguard) and I was using it again this year but it randomly broke one day and I refuse to get a new one...I am currently using a broken fanny pack. I become emotionally connected because I hate change.

I like to think I have a pretty good life. I have amazing friends. I have an awesome job. I go to the best school. I am overall very happy and satisfied with my life, so why change it right?

There is nothing wrong with change. Some people like it and some people don't. Some people like it but choose not to do it. For me it is a little complicated. See, even though I like my life there are a lot of times I want to change it. I don’t because I am afraid of change. My mom has been talking to me for years about changing my room. Ripping up my purple carpets, painting over my purple walls, moving my furniture around. I refuse to let her do it even though part of me really wants to redo my entire room. It’s the fact that I like the way it is right now and I don’t want to hate how I redo it.

Again, there is nothing wrong with change. I like change in some aspects but in others I feel change is not always necessary. I think change should be when you want it to but unfortunately that is not always the case. Change is going on all the time without us even knowing. Some of it is good change and some of it is bad change. Except none of it is in our control. Which always sucks.

Even though this article had almost nothing to do with hoarding I want the world to know that I do hoard some things but I do eventually get rid of it all and come to my senses. I am currently in college and I may or may not still have things (i.e. papers and other miscellaneous items) from middle school. Hoarding is acceptable and okay. You do you. Change can also be a good thing.