I Am Here For You
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Student Life

I Am Here For You

A letter to those with depression and/or anxiety

I Am Here For You

To those with depression and/or anxiety,

I am aware that you have good days and bad days. I know that sometimes, you don't have interest in doing anything and just want to lay in bed or look at the computer all day. I know of the thoughts you may have about yourself, of how you may feel worthless, insecure, a waste of space, etc. I know that sometimes, you may want to die because you don't want to live this way anymore; you don't want to feel hurt or the pain of suffering.

Let me be the one to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are never alone, and you never will be. There is always someone you can turn to for help. I will tell you that I have dealt with people who have depression and anxiety on different levels, and when something is wrong, I go to them before they come to me. Recently, a young girl who already has anxiety possibly now has depression. She spoke to me about the feelings she has been having lately. I felt bad for her, but even more so because she is young. No one should go through this stuff, especially at a young age. So, I wrote her this song to read before she goes to bed every night.

The heartache you have, it’s harder to bare

I feel your pain, you need me right there

So rest your head up close to my heart

It’s beating for you...where do I start

I know what it’s like when you feel so alone

You want it to end, to be free from the sorrow

So give me your tears on my shoulder to cry

I’m here for you...I cannot deny

I know that it hurts from what you feel inside

You’re sad and scared, but no need to hide

So come into my arms open wide

I will be near you...right by your side

The feelings you have, they’re weighing you down

But if you have hope, this will turn around

So let me hold you and warm you with care

I’ll never let go...my love I will share

One of these days, the pain all will cease

The hurting will go, so you can sleep with peace

I’ll always be there and hold you so tight

I’ll never leave you...happiness will be in sight

Let it be known that this song is also meant for you. These are words of comfort, knowing that someone deeply cares about you and wants nothing but the best for you. If you feel that no one does, know that I do, even if you don't know me at all. Don't give up just because something is hard now. It will get better with time, so don't lose hope.

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