It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are, You'll Always Be In Young Love
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It Doesn't Matter If You're 13 Or 52, You Will Always Be Stuck In Young Love

And that's OK because we should always be young in love, hoping for all of our dreams to come true.

It Doesn't Matter If You're 13 Or 52, You Will Always Be Stuck In Young Love

If you think about your first romantic relationship, what does it look like?

Two teenagers who can't believe that the things that they thought only happened in movies are happening to them. The way we acted when we were in middle school and high school in our romantic relationships haven't really changed if you think about it. We still get super excited when someone finally says yes to us and wants to date us, it's like you've conquered the world.

We still get excited the first time we hold their hand or kiss them and we usually say that "it's the best kiss I've ever had."

We all still play that eye game even if we don't know if the person likes us. We do that staring thing where it borders the line of being creepy or flirting with someone across a room.

I know that we are all scared to make the first move no matter how old you get. We still do the things that we did when we were younger and the things we learned from movies and television shows. We all wanted to do those smooth things where you casually hold hands with someone, but we never could.

We all wanted to nonchalantly put our arm around someone, but you could never tell if they wanted you to or not.

Whenever we first starting dating someone, we want to be at that one year mark as soon as possible. It's like we want to rush through everything and I know my self included, we want to take things super quickly. When someone tells you that they want to take it slow, it isn't them saying that they don't want to date you anymore, it's merely them saying that they want to get to know you better before things get too serious. I know it can be difficult, but we've all dealt with that talk before.

Don't even get me started on people leading you on and then have to tell you the most awkward thing ever, "I'm just not looking for that right now."

I remember being told that all the time that no one was looking for "that" right now. I used to get so angry because I wasn't looking for a boyfriend right that second, it was just something that could potentially happen. I also don't get why boys don't like to eat lunch with a girl, even if they're not dating the girl or interested in them. I think this is something we've carried on from our younger days. I remember that In middle school and even elementary school that I would hear people being told that and even I was told that.

I think that we stay stuck in young love because it's all we know.

All we know are the beautiful love stories that we would dream of happening to us. Even if some of us won't admit it, we all want to end our lives with a fairytale and someone beside us that we love. We all want to be with someone who is our soulmate, no matter how hard it is to find that person.

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 52, you will always be stuck in young love. And that's OK because we should always be young in love, hoping for all of our dreams to come true.

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