I have heard time and time again that we must listen to what our hearts (or gut in this case) when it comes to making the right decision. I believe in this gut feeling as if it was another person giving me advice. As a person with social anxiety, it can be confusing to differentiate between my mental illness and this sixth sense. However, when in doubt, I trust it.

A few years ago before I started college I broke up with my high school sweetheart. He was getting way too clingy and controlling to where I could not breathe around him. Even though we were attending the same university and had a two-year relationship I felt uneasy about our future together. There was no reason or rhyme other than that feeling, so I trusted it and ended the relationship. About a month later I found out that he had been emotionally cheating on me, and yes that is a real thing, with his best (girl) friend. He would take her out and drive her home, call her instead of me and vent about stuff. Anyways, the feeling was right about him. He was bad news and would be toxic to me later if I would have stayed.

I also trusted my gut feeling when I was deciding where I would move to once I finished my Master's degree. It was between the DFW area and Chicago since my parents are originally from there. I love Chicago so much, but moving so far away is extremely out of my comfort zone. However, I felt a pull towards Chicago that was so strong others could feel it too. All of the opportunities lined up and worked out in my favor. My family is pretty religious so they say that the gut feeling is the holy spirit guiding me as well. Whatever it is I am extremely grateful for it because I have decided to move to Chicago this August.

I have made some pretty dumb decisions and I cannot always trust myself to do what needs to be done. I know that listening to what my body is telling me is the answer in some cases.