"Always Choose to be Undefeated" -- Ronda Rousey
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"Always Choose to be Undefeated" -- Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey made an impactful speech on Ellen earlier this week, but what should we have really gotten out of it?

"Always Choose to be Undefeated" -- Ronda Rousey

Earlier this week, any Ellen DeGeneres fan was able to be graced with the presence of Ronda Rousey, a sports icon sure to go down in the books. After some light-hearted, Ellen-esque comedy, things turned serious when Rousey was asked about her fight with Holly Holm. Beginning with a description of what happens to the brain when you are hit that hard, and explaining to the best of her ability what actually went down in that ring. After being clipped during the "first exchange," she immediately felt off. She later went on to tell Ellen that when you get hit that hard you lose your ability to tell where your body is in space, her depth perception and spacial recognition was immediately hindered, and the rest is, surely, history. Ellen asked how she felt when she was sitting there, if she had a headache, and how long it lasted. Instead, she was met with Rousey explaining that as she sat in the corner of that room, she questioned who she was without the identity of her sport. Who she would become without this third title win. Ronda Rousey contemplated suicide sitting there in that medical room.

The best fall down more than we think, but they pick themselves up. She rounds up the interview explaining that she now realizes that she was meant to lose, and that this is her moment. The moment that everyone has where they realize that no matter how strong they can come off as, no matter how many times you succeed, you will fail. Rousey mentions that "all of the best things come from the worst things," and that she realizes that she is now a role model. She is glad the public eye was able to see her pick herself up, with help of boyfriend Travis Browne, and says "I choose to always be undefeated."

In the end, we should all take a page from Rousey's book of lessons. Not only has she taught us that no matter your sex, gender, race, religion, or identity, if you are good at something, you should do it. Not only has she taught us how to gracefully blow off haters, or how to show strength and humility all at once. Not only has she taught us that when you work hard you will be rewarded, and that you can truly have it all. She has rang in her most recent lesson, which is that you can be one of the most famous and impactful fighters and still have moments where you question where you should go from "here." You still have moments where not everything works in your favor, and you are found sitting in the corner of a room wondering how you got there, and what your next move should be. It's OK to wonder if your path is the right one, it's OK to wonder if you are doing what you should be doing, and if you should be doing more. Crying is OK. Venting is OK. Being discouraged is OK. Being defeated is not.

Failing a test isn't the end of the world.

Changing your major will not set you back.

Doing what you love will never be a burden.

Losing your title fight does not define you.

Always choose to be undefeated.

Thank you for your strength, when some people have none.

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