To Be Alone...With You

My boyfriend and I have been together for roughly two years now. We are very different people in so many ways but one trait that we share is that we are both introverts. Introverts, contrary to popular belief, are those people who get energy from being alone. We don’t hate people, we just crave personal space. When I started dating, I was terrified that my future partner would need me constantly but as I soon discovered, dating an introvert eliminated that fear and has so many other perks.

1. Silence is never uncomfortable for them.

Introverts don't mind the quiet and won't talk if there if no need. It is nice to sit together and not have to worry about filling any silence.

2. You can do your own thing with each other.

Likewise, not needing to talk to each other all the time leaves room for you to do your own thing, but with each other. I cannot count the number of nights we have spent with my watching my own Netflix and him his own.

3. Who needs to go out when you can stay in?

Neither of us feel a need to go out every night. There is something comforting knowing that you don't always have to entertain your partner.

4. And when you do go out, it’s not too long.

We both get burned out quickly, so we never have the awkward issue of one wants to go home and the other wants to go out.

5. Small talk rarely happens.

For many introverts, small talk is pointless and just exhausting and with two introverts it rarely happens.

6. They respect your need for privacy.

You need you time? Okay cool, they probably do too.

7. And personal space.

I've noticed a lot of introverts I know do not like to be touched constantly. We respect each other's personal boundaries and make sure we aren't annoying the other with PDA.

8. You have a wingman for social interactions.

Social interactions can be rough for some introverts, which is why we team up together!

9. You have someone with just as rich inner worlds as you.

Introverts are known to have deep, rich, inner worlds and imaginations. It is cool to share those worlds with someone else who does't think you are crazy.

10. You have someone who just GETS you.

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