It happens every single year, but it is almost as if you can never fully plan for it. You'll be fine one day, then BAM. Your nose is flowing quicker than Niagara Falls. Nothing is able to come to your aid, and you just have to suffer for the next several months. Do no fear though, others much like yourself are in that same boat and feel these problems as well.

1. BOGO Kleenex's are a blessing

I can easily go through a Kleenex box in less than a day at the height of pollen allergy season. So thank you Publix for having them BOGO so I can shove several into my cart.

2. Sneezing so hard you get a headache

I swear this happens at least once a day, and I'm not sure how I am still alive.

3. Normal allergy medicine is a joke

Sure, my friends can take it an be fine, but even my prescription allergy medicine barely alleviates my symptoms.

4. Bloodshot eyes

After the 121st time sneezing, your eyes are bloodshot beyond belief. Now people are looking at you and judging you for different reasons.

5. Trying to hold in a sneeze when in class

I don't know about you, but I hate sneezing in a lecture hall. You instantly become the center of unwanted attention after sneezing, and even more so after the 30th time.

6. Morning drainage

Everything is fine...until you finally sit up from bed and all hell breaks loose.

7. The annoying one sided drip

I already hate it when my nose is running, but one does it always just have to be ONE SIDE???

8. Everyone thinks you are contagious

No, I cannot give you my allergies. Though, I really wish I could so I would not have to deal with them.

9. Followed by, are you sure?

No, I was joking, you are going to catch it and die now.

10. Dry nose problems

After blowing your nose for the 500000 time, it has become so raw the skin is peeling off. Now you're just wondering if people are staring at a piece of skin hanging on your nose or they just really like your face.

11. Enjoying the 5 seconds of breathing through your nose

It never last long, but it is a great relief.

Seasonal allergies suck. There is no way to prevent them. but we can all get through this together.