"All Wash Out" Song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Cover by Dom Arena
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"All Wash Out" Song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Cover by Dom Arena

Song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Cover by Dom Arena

"All Wash Out" Song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Cover by Dom Arena

This song holds a lot of importance and sentiment for me. It got me through beautiful sunny days when I felt on top of the world like nothing can stop me, and its gotten me through terribly depressing, maddening days where nothing seems to be going right and life seemed like an option you should have opted out of long ago...

This song is one of those songs for me, and it definitely saved me from my own destructive self and the never-ending judgment and chaotic hypocrisy and frustrations I found in the world around me...When I had to go to Tennessee for "Bible boot camp" (or rehab in other words) I was going through one of the roughest patches of my life. At that point I was homeless for almost a year straight in all odd, different cities and areas, doing all kinds of scummy, dark things to support my full-fledged addiction.

So Tennessee was a "last resort" scenario for me. When at this rehab I was stripped of any nonsecular material. This meant shirts with words on it (unless that word was "Jesus" that is) were no good...Books that weren't the bible? Kiss it goodbye...Technology? HA.. put it this way, even for the construction work we weren't using power tools, so I forgot about computers, TVs, and phones real quick... For Christ's sake even cigarettes! (no pun intended there)....

The no smoking thing really took a toll on me mentally, but I 've gotta admit even being a 2 pack a day smoker before going in there, not even that was my biggest struggle while residing there...My absolute biggest struggle was the "No Music" rule.

You might have already guessed, Christian music was allowed and played all damn day. Torturous for a frustrated musician like myself. The only way I found a way around THIS rule in particular (And I found ways around most rules which is why I say it like that. Rebelling was my number one thing at the time and I did it like it was going out of style.) was to sing. And the song I'd sing every day was this song, "All Wash Out." Maybe because the lyrics soothed me, or maybe it was the only song at the time I knew every word to.

Either way, I can't explain how much misery and depression this song got me through, and I hope when you all listen to it that it can maybe do the same for you one day. It's a great song, by a great band. Enjoy...


Here come, chilly preacher,
Stumbling 'gainst the wind
Singing love, love is something to believe in
A prayer and the sea
And twenty tons of me
Crying love, love is something to believe in

To my child of wonder rambling
All my crooked fingers pointing blame
Let it all wash out in the rain
Yes let it all wash out in the rain

Beyond the drunken focus of my aim
All my heroes twisting in the flame
Let's let it all wash out in the rain
Let it all wash out in the rain

One more for forgiveness
Twisting in the cold
Singing love, love is something I believe in
Too much my defenses
Are dangling from the chain
Oh but free, free is something to believe in

To my god, I want my gypsy train
To my child a howlin' tambourine
Let it all wash out in the rain
Let it all wash out in the rain
Yes let it all wash out in the rain
Let it all wash out in the rain

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