No, not all men. But too many men.
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Boys Use The 'Not All Men' Argument To Defend Their Gender, And It's Sickening

Men love to defend their gender by saying "well, not all men are like that" and I'm here to tell you why that argument is wrong.

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In the news, every day, I see stories about women being assaulted, raped, and killed for denying a man. Whether it be denying a conversation, a date, or sex. All too often it ends the same way: the woman being emotionally, and sometimes physically, scarred. Online women share screenshots of texts from where men have come onto them and they reply with a simple "I'm not interested, sorry" and then comes a slue of "dumb bitch, slut, you'll regret not giving a nice guy a chance." I've seen thousands of these screenshots and even experienced how crazy men can be once they're rejected.

Even rejecting a guy kindly and letting him down easy doesn't help. He either tries harder, thinking he can twist your kindness in his favor, or flips out and throws accusations at you. Men somehow think they're entitled to a woman's time and body. They've taken this 'red pill' and think that their sex drive is more important than anything about a woman.

If a guy has to tell you he's a "nice guy," he most likely isn't.

He's convinced himself that if gives you enough compliments and buys you enough things, you owe him sex. He thinks that women are some kind of sex machine that takes kindness coins. Newsflash: we're not. We're just human beings.

I used to reject men by saying "I'm sorry I have a boyfriend," which is a dumb thing overall because it shows that men respect other men more than they respect a woman's "no," but I've decided to stop doing that. Saying "I have a boyfriend" implies that if your boyfriend wasn't in the picture, you'd say yes. The type of man to not take no for an answer will see this opportunity and try to manipulate you into cheating or "just sharing photos" and letting it be your "little secret."

I'm over men feeling entitled to a woman.

It genuinely upsets me that women are given tips on how to not get raped or murdered. Don't wear provocative clothing, don't get too drunk, don't be alone. Why do we have to follow specific rules to just live? We should be teaching men how to take no for an answer and how to respect a woman's body no matter her state of being or what she's wearing.

The same men who would call you a slut for not cheating on your boyfriend with a "nice guy" are the same men who say "Not all men are like that."

No, not all men are like that. But too many are.

If someone says, "There are twenty dogs in this room. 17 dogs are nice but 3 dogs will kill you." You probably wouldn't go into that room. You can't rely on those 17 dogs deciding which dogs are bad and protecting you. So no. Not all men, BUT TOO MANY MEN.

Men are afraid of being accused of sexual assault and say that it's unfair. WOMEN ARE AFRAID OF BEING MURDERED AND RAPED AND ASSAULTED. And there are hundreds upon thousands of cases that show how dangerous and unstable men are when it comes to women. I'm tired of being told what I should and shouldn't do to prevent myself from being raped, I need parents and teachers to start telling boys how to control their own bodies and desires.

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