Don't get me wrong having a strong good group of girlfriends in your life is good. You can relate more to each other, share clothes and, cry with them during your favorite tv series. Although, that is awesome. Sometimes you need some of those drama free guy friends. I don't know about you but when I'm around my guy friends I feel so much comfort and they just bring me so much joy. Not saying my girl friends don't make me feel the same way but this is just a thank you to those guy friends that have been by my side and my A1 since day 1.

1. Thank you for making me laugh 90% of the time

Let me tell you, these guys never fail to make me smile. They all are so different and even though their humor is sometimes gross. I still can't contain my laughter when I'm around them. They're so crazy.

2. Thank you for letting me rant to you even when you truly don't care

Even though you don't listen to a word sometimes ;I'm saying thank you for being a "great listener" I appreciate it even if I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes. It's the effort that counts. Thank you for the countless hours of you saying " Okay" or " Cool" while I rant to you about my day.

3. Thank you for being totally honest

Thank you for telling me that I need to buy jeans with less rips because I look to rebllious with ripped jeans or that I need to tone it down because I'm a little to crazy today. I know I can always count on you to tell me honestly if I look like decent that day.

I can't stress enough how much it's important to have a few good guys in your life. Trust me not all boys don't have cooties. They will always be there for you. Just give them a chance